Filipino Friday 2013 (3): The Pinoy Book Drop

What an exciting week it has been for this year’s Filipino ReaderCon! We’ve unveiled the updated event poster, and the awesome, awesome program for the event has been prepared – have you checked the roster of fabulous authors who will be there? Did you see the names of your favorites? And more importantly, have you guys pre-registered? Make sure you do, so that your slot is saved!

Anyway, it’s Filipino Friday again, and this week’s topic is the culmination of a week-long interactive activity that we’ve prepared this year: The Pinoy Book Drop!


Before we proceed, however, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this activity. We are appreciative of the positive response and all week, we’ve been busy retweeting and reposting about your dropped books. The activity would not have been successful without your contagious enthusiasm and active involvement. So, thank you guys! :)

For this week’s Filipino Friday, we have two sets of questions – we know that the Pinoy Book Drop participants are excited to talk about their experience, but we’re not discounting the fact that there may be some readers who, for one reason or another, were unable (or otherwise, chose not) to take part in this activity. So in order for everyone to join in this week’s Filipino Friday, we’ve prepared the following questions:

Did you participate in the Pinoy Book Drop? If yes:
–  First, kindly detail all the books that you have dropped, and where and when you dropped them.
– Next: tell us all about your experience. How did you feel before and after you dropped the books? How did you choose the places where you dropped them? Did you check back and see if the books were still there? Do you have any idea who might have found them?

If no:
– Tell us about your most memorable or favorite book hunting experience. Have you ever found a book in a most unexpected place? If you find a dropped book somewhere, what would you do with it? Where do you get your books nowadays? Do you still go to bookstores, or do you buy/order books online?

You know the drill – if you keep a blog, write a post and leave the link (to the post, not to the blog) on the comments section below. You can Tweet about it (tag us at @PinoyReaderCon and include hashtags #pbdrop and #filreadercon) or post it on Facebook – on your own timeline, if it’s set to public (tag us at Filipino ReaderCon), or on the Filipino ReaderCon page itself. If you have no blog, Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can still participate in this meme by directly writing your answer/s on the comments section of this post. And if you’ve missed the past two Filipino Fridays, you can still catch up by including them in your post this week. Here are the topics:

Week 1 – Hello, Reader!
Week 2 – Kids and Books

That’s it for this week’s Filipino Friday. If you still have a book or two that you want to drop, please do so! Just remember to tag us on Twitter and Facebook so we could help you spread the word. And finally: the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon: What Do Readers Want? will be on November 9, 2013, 8:00am to 6:00pm at the Rizal Library – Ateneo de Manila University.  See you there! :)

Post away and have a great weekend, everyone!

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