Filipino Friday #2 Kids & Books Round-up


The responses to last week’s Filipino Friday were fantastic. Thank you to everyone who joined and shared the books that they loved when they were kids. I rediscovered old favorites, and added some new ones to my reading list. I enjoyed going around everyone else’s blogs and getting to know other book lovers.

Here’s our round-up for Filipino Friday #2.

  1. Jinky, Jinky is Reading
  2. Aloi, Guiltless Reader
  3. Peter, Kyusireader
  4. Monique, marginalia
  5. Kat, Strangely Out of Place
  6. Alona, Off the Wall
  7. Anne, Brewed Thoughts
  8. Justine, Claiming Alexandria
  9. Tin, Rabbitin
  10. Rhodora, Definitely Librarian
  11. Angus, Book Rhapsody
  12. Pammy, Life of a Cuddlebit
  13. Mina, Publishing in Pajamas
  14. Zarah, Love a Librarian
  15. Paolo, Rocket Kapre
  16. Katherine, curiosakat
  17. Lynai, It’s a wonderful bookworld
  18. Tina, I like it dog-eared
  19. Blooey, Bookmarked
  20. Arjohn, The Journal of Phercy Noya
  21. Verne, Overbooked Reader

See you again tomorrow for another awesome Filipino Friday!