Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards 2015: Winners

In case you weren’t able to attend the announcement of winners during the Filipino ReaderCon this weekend,  here is a list of winners per category. Congratulations to all the winners for this year’s Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards and thank you to the judges and everyone who voted!


2015 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards Winners

Fiction in English

Winner: Rising by Alen Rio (Flipside Publishing)


It captures the Filipino reader’s interest best, young and old readers alike, because of its dystopian setting, fast-paced and cohesive plot, flawed heroes, and gripping ending. The boldness in the twists and turns of events and the rawness of the characters will surely keep one riveted until the last page.

Fiction in Filipino / Taglish

Winner: Huwag Mong Sakyan ang Buhawi by Efren R. Abueg (Ateneo University Press)


A product of its time, and that time is the last years of the Martial Law era. While its themes and writing style might be different from what younger readers are probably accustomed to, it is nonetheless a story we should all read – especially with the 2016 elections around the corner.

Romance in English

Winner: The Kitchen When It Sizzles by Chrissie Peria (self-published)


The story was well written, had good pacing, and lovable characters that were believable and relatable. Food is clearly the way to anyone’s heart, as the inclusion of it in the story had the judges agreeing that it was a big plus, making it more fun, interesting and delicious.

Romance in Filipino / Taglish

Winner: Heartless by jonaxx (Jonah Mae Pacala) (Summit/Sizzle)


A well-crafted, kilig-inducing love story of Coreen and Rozen that kept us glued to our seats madly turning the pages from start to finish.

Fiction Anthology

Winner: Gotita de Dragon by Nick Joaquin (Anvil Publishing)


A delicious mix of tradition and modernity, sci-fi and mythology, added with a dash of horror, mystery and fantasy. This amalgam of genres will effortlessly tickle the reader’s imagination.

Young Adult Fiction

Winner: I Remember The Boy 1 : Bonifacio by Sofia (LIB)


It was really a rollercoaster of a book that will most likely leave you hanging ’til the end.

Children’s Picture Book

Winner: Isang Harding Papel by Augie Rivera / Rommel Joson (Adarna House)


Its moral is persistency. Life at the time was difficult, even after our hardest times under the rule of foreign nations for 388 years. With this experience, Filipinos knew when to be strong. Like in the setting of the story, The Edsa Revolution, and the term of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.

Comics & Graphic novels

Winner: Zombinoy ~ Issue No. 6 by Geonard Yleana, Carlo Cruz, Sid Santos, Dennies Layante (Pelikomiks Studios)


It kept us reading to the end, employing familiar tropes in a local setting to put together an entertaining zombie comic.


Winner: Kundiman sa Gitna ng Karimlan by E. San Juan (UP Press)


Captured Filipino values, including a sense of community and spirit of involvement, in lyrical language. It also embodies, for us, what the Filipino reader is or what we hope him to be: imaginative, intelligent, and engaged with the world.

Inspirational / Religious

Winner: Boring Ba ang Bible Mo: How your Story Fits in the Big Story by Rei Lemuel Crizaldo (OMF Literature)


This entertaining book creates a light, humorous way of giving the readers the values necessary for withstanding the challenges of life. It only goes to show that a self-help book doesn’t have to be dragging in order to send an important message across.


Winner: Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago (ABS-CBN Publishing)


The book itself speaks of HUMOR – no green and harsh jokes, just pure fun and entertainment. Senator Santiago’s sense of humor is undeniable and effortless. Perhaps,stupid really is forever, but being funny is smart.

Food and Cookbook

Winner: My Angkong’s Noodles by Clinton Huang Palanca (Summit)


It is a visually stunning, comprehensive and educational guide that fulfills the promise of Filipino-Chinese cooking.


Winner: Philippine Heritage Homes by Jaime Laya, et al. (Anvil Publishing)


It is the inherent beauty and power of literature to move us in subtle ways and this panel believes that the book serves this purpose.

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