In 2011, a young group of book lovers, writers, bloggers, and reading advocates came together and organized the first-ever Filipino Reader Conference. This event gathered a variety of people who had one thing in common–a deep love of books and reading, where Filipino readers can talk about anything and everything about books and be around all sorts of reading materials that they can enjoy.


Now on its 5th year, the Filipino ReaderCon continues in its desire to achieve its long-term goal of pushing the reading culture in the country. This year’s theme, Toward a Reading Revolution aims to lead and empower Filipino readers, authors, and publishers to express their desires, ask questions, and basically start doing things to shake things up in the Philippine reading landscape. Because who else will lead the reading revolution if not us, the readers? (Click here to read more about the Filipino ReaderCon.)

The 5th Filipino ReaderCon is happening on November 28, 2015, at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, De La Salle University. You can check out the program here, and register here! We’d love to see you there. :)

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