Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 Finalists

So that was an exciting voting period, don’t you think? A record-breaking one, too, because we hit 30,000+ responses which is more than 3x last year. (This means we’ll be aiming for 3x of that next year — can we hit 100,000 votes for FRCA 2015? Why not? :D)

Thank you to all who nominated, voted, and told their friends (and random strangers!) to vote. The FRCA committee really got overwhelmed with all your support! Thank you for your patience, too, as you waited for us to post, and to update and to answer your inquiries.

Yes, this is me stalling a little bit. But if you were in the ReaderCon kick-off event at the Manila International Book Fair, then this shouldn’t be really new to you, right? =)

On to the finalists for this year’s Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards!


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The Filipino ReaderCon at the MIBF


These are the times when book geeks in Manila go crazy. Yup, it’s the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF at SMX Mall of Asia, which kicked-off today and will last until Sunday, September 21.

Amid all the selling, book launches, signings, seminars, and workshops, you’ll also find a couple of events hosted by the Filipino ReaderCon. This is all courtesy of Primetrade’s (organizers of the MIBF) generosity. So, here are the Filipino ReaderCon events at the MIBF:

Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA) Announcement of Finalists and ReaderCon Kick-Off

18 Sept., Thursday, 10:00 – 10:30, Stage Area

Eager to hear who the top three finalists are in the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards? We’re eager to tell you. Drop by the Stage Area tomorrow to get the scoop.

Readers Who Write

20 Sept., Saturday, 10:30 – 12:00, Meeting Room 7


Are you a passionate reader who is thinking of trying your hand at becoming a writer? If so, join us in a discussion with successful readers turned writers. We’ll talk about their transition from just a consumer to a creator and the steps they took to write and publish their first books. This event is brought to you by the National Book Development Board – Philippines and the Filipino ReaderCon.

Check out the speakers and facilitator:

Mina Esguerra

Mina V. Esguerra writes contemporary romance, young adult, and new adult novellas. Her young adult/fantasy trilogy Interim Goddess of Love is a college love story featuring gods from Philippine mythology. Her contemporary romance novella Fairy Tale Fail won the 2012 Filipino Readers’ Choice award for Chick Lit. Through her blog Publishing in Pajamas (, she documents her experiments in e-publishing.

When not writing romance, she is president of communications firm Bronze Age Media, development communication consultant, indie publisher, professional editor, wife, and mother. She created the workshop series “Author at Once” for writers and publishers, and#romanceclass, a Contemporary Romance Novella writing class.

Kate Evangelista

When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn’t going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department and never looked back. Today, she is a graduate of De La Salle University – Manila with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. She taught high school English for three years and was an essay consultant for two. Currently she writes full-time and is based in the Philippines.

Alyssa Urbano (AerithSage)

Alyssa Marie R. Urbano is a 22 year old Registered Nurse, blogger and a freelance writer from Quezon City, Philippines. She writes in an online publication site called Wattpad where her works were first recognized. Also, she is one of the Wattpad Filipino Ambassadors from the site. She has one published book, “The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract” which has now sold almost 5,000 print and ebook copies internationally. The same book will be released under Summit Media next year.

Gabriela Lee

Gabriela Lee has had her short stories and poetry published in the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States. She is currently teaching creative writing and English at the University of the Philippines. You can find her online at

See you all at the MIBF!

Partial and Unofficial Results for FRCA 2014 – Week 3

A rainy evening we have today, hope you’re all staying safe and dry.

We’re nearing the end of the voting period! In fact, we only have a day left before we officially close the voting for this year’s Filipino Readers Choice Awards, and so we bring to you the latest results, as well as the percentage of votes for each book. Again, these are the partial and unofficial results.

The top 6 books per category as of September 9:

Fiction in English:

  • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My Life and Story by Fernando Lachica (Createspace) – 21.6%
  • The Filipino Werewolf by Fernando Lachica (Createspace) – 16.9%
  • Eight Muses of the Fall by Edgar Samar (Anvil Publishing Inc.) – 13.1%
  • Gitarista by Reev Robledo (Self-published) – 13.0%
  • The Mango Bride by Marivi Soliven Blanco (New American Library) – 8.9%
  • The Recorded History of a Girl by Celine Lopez (National Bookstore) – 7.4%

Fiction in Filipino/Taglish:

  • Para sa Hopeless Romantic by Marcelo Santos III (PSICOM) – 39.0%
  • In Sisterhood – Lea at Lualhati by Lualhati Bautista (Self-published) – 15.3%
  • Ang Banal na Aklat ng mga Kumag by Allan Derain (Cacho Pub) – 13.9%
  • Ang Makina ni Mang Turing by Ramon Guillermo (UP Press) – 8.6%
  • Fan Girl Meets Superman by Aivan Reigh A. Vivero (Lifebooks) – 6.2%
  • Tatlong Gabi, Tatlong Araw by Eros Atalia (Visprint) – 5.9%

Romance in English:

  • The Royal Heartbreak by Marian Tee (Independent publishing) – 20.5%
  • When Fangirls Cry by Marian Tee (Independent publishing) – 19.2%
  • All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria (Self-published) – 11.8%
  • Vintage Love by Agay Llanera (Self-published) – 11.7%
  • Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books) – 11.5%
  • Finding X by Miles Tan (Self-published) – 5.8%

Romance in Filipino/Taglish:

  • A Home in His Arms by Aya Myers (Precious Pages Corporation) – 15.9%
  • Veakaria (Book 2) : Isadora, Ang huling tunay na birhen ng Lamia by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation) – 13.2%
  • Hanggang Wakas by Angela Pangilinan (Bookware Publishing) – 10.5%
  • Baby, Be Mine by Sofia (Precious Pages Corporation) – 9.3%
  • Hindi Ko Inakala by Ariesa Domingo (beeyotch) (Self Published) – 6.9%
  • Mga Pilat Ng Kahapon by Doreen Gabriel (Precious Pages Corporation) – 5.5%

Fiction Anthology:

  • Trese: Stories from the Diabolical by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (Visprint) – 13.9%
  • Manila Noir edited by Jessica Hagedorn (Anvil) – 12.6%
  • BAKA NG INA MO: O bakit hindi palaging mother knows best by Ronaldo S. Vivo Jr., Erwin C. Dayrit, Danell Arquero, Ronnel S. Vivo, Earl Kristian Palma, Christian De Jesus (UngazPress) – 11.3%
  • For Love and Kisses by Andrea Pasion Flores (UST Publishing House) – 9.1%
  • Unseen Moon by Eliza Victoria (Self-published) – 9.1%
  • Anim na Sabado ng Beyblade at iba pang Sanaysay by Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin (Visprint Inc.) – 8.9%

Young Adult Fiction:

  • Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer (Summit Books) – 19.2%
  • She’s Dating The Gangster by SGWannaBe (Summit Books) – 17.4%
  • The Despicable Guy by Leng de Chavez (Summit Books) – 11.5%
  • Talk Back and You’re Dead by Alesana Marie (PSICOM) – 9.2%
  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (Book 1) by Ariesa Domingo (Summit Books) – 6.9%
  • Three Words Eight Letters Say it and I’m Yours by Girlinlove (Pop Fiction) – 6.7%

Children’s Picture Book:

  • Princess Lea Dream Big Book 2: Lea Salonga by Yvette Fernandez, illustrated by Nicole Lim (Dream Big Books) – 15.2%
  • Kayumanggi by Christine Marie Lim Magpile, illustrated by Jonathan Ranola (Lampara Publishing Inc.) – 14.0%
  • Si Berting, ang Batang Uling by Christopher S. Rosales, illustrated by Aldy Aguirre (Lampara Publishing Inc.) – 11.3%
  • Alpabetong Filipino by Nicanor G. Tiongson, illustrated by Crispin Dayao (Tahanan) – 10.7%
  • Simply Jesse Dream Big Book 1: Jesse Robredo by Yvette Fernandez, illustrated by Nicole Lim (Summit Books) – 9.5%
  • Wow, God series: What’s In Jochebed’s Basket by Beng Alba, illustrated by Ingrid Tan (OMF Literature) – 5.4%

Comics & Graphic Novels:

  • Wandering Hearts by Nald Tabuzo (Black Ink Comics) – 19.1%
  • Kikomachine Komix Blg 9 y Manix Abrera (Visprint) – 13.6%
  • The Girl and the Goldfish by Maricar Dizon (Black Ink Comics) – 11.0%
  • Trese: Book of Murders by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (Visprint) – 9.6%
  • BLACKink SHORTCUTS: BIC 0026 by Herbs Navasca, Jonathan Ipan, Gypsy Guevarra, Jeff Nice, Arman Francisco, Jayron Zapant (Black Ink Comics) – 9.1%
  • The Filipino Heroes League Book 2: The Sword by Paolo Fabregas (Visprint) – 8.6%


  • Travelbook: Poems by Shane Carreon (UP press) – 10.4%
  • Musings of a Filipino Fighter by Malyari Lucban (Dagitab Publishing) – 10.2%
  • Kung Saan sa Katawan: Mga Tula by Louie Jon A. Sanchez (UST Publishing House) – 9.6%
  • Ang Romansa ng Pagsagip ng Osong Marso by Virgilio Almario (Rio Alma) (UST Publishing House) – 9.1%
  • Ulikba at iba pang bagong tula by Epifanio San Juan, Jr. (UST Publishing House) – 8.4%
  • Canticos: Apat na Boses by K. S. Cordero (UST Publishing House) – 8.1%


  • Lovestruck: Sexy Edition by Ronald Molmisa (OMF) – 42.1%
  • Mama Mary and Her Children Book 4 by Fr. James Reuter, S.J. (Anvil) – 21.7%
  • Quick Questions, Uneasy Answers by Fr. Johnny S. Go, S.J. (Christian Life Community of the Philippines) – 14.7%
  • You Can’t Interview God: Church Women and Men in the News by Ceres P. Doyo (Anvil) – 14.2%
  • The Lighter Side of Saints by Lina Diaz de Rivera (Anvil) – 7.4%


  • Tambalan by Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper (Anvil) – 56.2%
  • Parang Kayo Pero Hindi by Noreen Capili (Anvil) – 21.3%
  • Men are from QC, Women are from Alabang by Stanley Chi (PSICOM) – 9.8%
  • I Saw Da Sign by Various Authors (Summit) – 9.1%
  • Playing with Pink Parts by RJ Ledesma (Anvil) – 3.7%

Food & Cookbook:

  • Dessert Comes First by Lori Baltazar (Sketchbooks) – 25.0%
  • The Sexy Cookbook by Rachel Alejandro & Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck (National Bookstore) – 21.1%
  • The Malunggay Book by Theodore Salonga and Mon Urbano (Anvil) – 11.5%
  • The Philippines and International Restaurants Food Recipes by Fernando Lachica (BookRix GmbH & Co. KG) – 8.1%
  • Top 10 Everything Food Lists by (Summit) – 6.9%
  • Eat Out Now 2014 by Alicia Colby Sy (Summit) – 6.0%


  • 60 Minutes: 60 Minutes: Interviews with People who Inspire by Ivy Mendoza / Manila Bulletin (Anvil Publishing Inc.) – 16.5%
  • The Naga We Know by Paz Verdados Santos & Kristian Sendon Cordero (Anvil Publishing Inc.) – 12.7%
  • Anong Pangalan Mo Sa Gabi? by Tetay Mendoza & Joel Acebuche (UP Center for Women’s Studies) – 12.4%
  • Human Face: A Journalist’s Encounters and Awakenings by Ceres P. Doyo (Anvil Publishing Inc.) – 10.6%
  • Hilot: The Science of the Ancient Filipino Healing Arts by Bibiano Fajardo & Ma. Aleli Pansacola (Anvil Publishing Inc.) – 7.6%
  • Every Woman Should Know About Beauty Secrets by Fernando Lachica (BookRix GmbH & Co. KG) – 5.6%

You still have a day to vote for your favorite 2013 reads! Again, voting closes September 10, 11:59PM, Manila time. If you still haven’t voted, show your support for your favorite books and authors by checking the list of nominees for 2013 and then casting your vote!