Filipino Fridays

Filipino Friday is a meme series that encourages the participation of Filipino readers everywhere. The Filipino Friday meme originated from the Filipino Book Bloggers website, but was appropriated to celebrate the first Filipino Readers’ Conference last 2011.

This year, once again, we are bringing back Filipino Fridays in these 4 weeks prior to Filipino ReaderCon 2014: Readers Turned Writers

The topics:

  • October 17 – Surprise, Reader!
  • October 24 – I read, therefore I write?
  • October 31 – Fans going for fiction
  • November 7 – #WeNeedDiverseBooks

The rules:

  • write about the assigned Filipino Friday topic and post your entry on your blog, website, or Facebook notes.
  • go to the official Filipino Friday post and leave a comment with your Filipino Friday post link
  • check out the posts of other Filipino Friday participants, comment on them, and get to know other Filipino readers.

The usual questions:

Can I participate even if I don’t have a blog?

Yes. You can post your entry on your Facebook notes (if you have Facebook) or even post it as a long tweet then link to that.

Can I participate even if I can’t go to the ReaderCon?

By all means! If you’re a Filipino reader, it doesn’t matter where you are. Join Filipino Fridays and you’ll have participated in your own way in the Filipino ReaderCon 2013.

Can I still join even if I missed the first few weeks?

Yes. Join whenever you can. You don’t need to have started with the first post. And even if you can’t add your entry anymore to the previous weeks, you can still create on Filipino Friday mega-post and answer all the previous questions. Then, link it to the latest Filipino Friday post. Also, you can definitely visit and comment on the other Filipino Friday participants.

Do you have an unusual question? Leave it here in the comments or in our contact form. And if you’re in Manila, don’t forget to come to the Filipino ReaderCon 2012 on August 18!