November is just around the corner and you know what that means? It’s FRCA time!!!

2016 marks the fifth year of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards! Today we are glad to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the 2016 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards!

Note: There is no need to send in a nomination for a book that is already in the nominations list.



As with the format change last year, we have  accepted publisher nominations for this year as well, which you can view below. Take a look at the list and if you don’t see your favorites, then it’s time for you to nominate your favorite books and author!


  • Great Philippine Jungle Energy Café  by Alfred Yuson (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Locust Girl: A Lovesong (Phil. Ed.) by Merlinda Bobis (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Riverrun by Danton Remoto (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Slow Burn by Sabina Murray (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sweet Haven by Lakambini Sitoy (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)


  • Ang Trahedya nina Romeo at Julieta Rolando Tinio (translator) (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Babae, sa Balumbalonan ni Hakob at Iba Pang Kuwento Mayette M. Bayuga (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Diary ng Emo by John Paul Sunico (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Kumpisal: Mga Kuwento Chuckberry J. Pascual (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-araw by Rolando Tinio (translator) (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sa Amin, sa Dagat-Dagatang Apoy by Mayette Bayuga (UP Press)
  • Sa Mil Flores, May Isang Hostes at iba pang Kuwento
    by Soledad S. Reyes (editor) (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • School Trip 2 by Soju (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Sombi by Jonas Sunico (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)


  • Cover (story) Girl by Chris Mariano (Visprint)
  • Making Love in Spanish by Bambina Olivares (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Never Just Friends by Mina V. Esguerra (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Once Upon a Player by Agay Llanera (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Save the Cake by Stella Torres (Visprint)
  • Savor by Kate Evangelista (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Submission Moves by Camilla Sisco (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Tame the Kitten by Bianca Mori (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • The Harder We Fall by Mina V. Esguerra (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Vintage Love by Agay Llanera (Visprint)
  • Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)


  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: A Lifetime of Happy Christmasses by Vanessa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: A Wish From Christmas Past by Maricar Dizon (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Aginaldo by Dawn Igloria (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: All I Want For Christmas is You by Heart Yngrid (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Christmas in Our Hearts by Sonia Francesca (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Kissing the Christmas Killer by Sofia (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Love’s Coming to Town by Rose Tan (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Pahiram ng Isang Pasko by Jasmine Esperanza (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Pasko Na Jacinta Ko by Mandie Lee (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Si Santa at Ako by Victoria Amor (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Silver Belles for Lucibelle by Dream Grace (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: The Gift by Belle Feliz (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • A Beautiful Heart: Memories and Marami pang Iba by Luna King (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • A Bride for David by Elise Estrella (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • A Honeymoon In Tokyo by Elise Estrella (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • A Special Memory by Doreen Laroya (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Alessandra: A Femme Fatale Story by Aya Myers (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Ang Buhay Ko: A Buko Love Story by Honey Villa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Balat ng Lupa by Vanessa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Aston by Jade Anne Franco (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Baring His Heart by Sofia (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Be My Last by Sachi Bliss (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Beloved Abductor by Michi Rei (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Beyond Forever by Abby Herrera (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Brak, The Bastard of Agron by Rose Tan (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Broken Soul by Doreen Laroya (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Business And Pleasure by Cady Lorenzana (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Cardinal Bastards 2, 3, 4 by Vanessa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Cardinal Series: Baba Esperanza by Vanessa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Chances, Consequences, and Love by Jamie Black (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Cinderella’s Beast by Victoria Amor (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Crazy Little Liar Called Cookie by Luna King (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Diary ng Chubby 2 by Vanessa (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • DIARY NG HINDI MALANDI (SLIGHT LANG!) season 1 and season 2 by owwSic (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Diary ng Maganda by Victoria Amor (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Dreams Café: Dream Master by Angel Bautista (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Dreams of Passion 6: Stan and Heni by Mandie Lee (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Dumb Ways to Love by Luna King (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Enchanting Distraction by Jade Anne Franco (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Everything by Dior Madrigal (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Fill Me In by Via Contessa (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • FINDING MR WRONG by WALANGMAGAWA1210 (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Here Comes The Anti-Bride by Ingrid De La Torre (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • HE’S MY SECRET AGENT FAKE HUSBAND BOOKS 1 and 2 by MsButterfly (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • I Love You to Death by Heart Yngrid (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • In My Ex’s Brother’s Bed by Aniya B. (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • It Started With a Text by Janela Adams (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • JENNY AND THE MAGIC ARINOLA by owwSic (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Just One Reason by Scarlette Queen (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Kapag Minahal Kita by Nicka Gracia (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Kissing the Beast by Celestine Precious Hearts Romances)
  • LALA LAITERA (ang laiterang hindi naman pretty) by owwSic (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Las Casas Love Affair by Dawn Igloria (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Last Night Of Innocence by Race Darwin (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Lies And Seductions by Mandie Lee (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Light and Joy by Spring Mendez (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Lila ang Kulay ng Pamamaalam by RM Topacio-Aplaon (UP Press)
  • Love is by Ezra Lindsey (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Lovers From by Ramonna Alvarez (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Loving Sunday by Belle Feliz (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Maggie’s Diaries: Fearless by Nikki Karenina (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Me, Myself and Peregrine by Jamie Black (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Mine by C.C (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • My Beautiful Mistake by Satine Ortega (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • My Ex, My Pretend Wife by Race Darwin (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • MY STUPID MISTAKE by ALEXISSE ROSE (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Once Upon A Dream by Edith Joaquin (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • One Night With My Boss by C.C (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Owning Her Innocence by Race Darwin (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Party of Destiny Hosted by Lolo Kuido 3: Hearts Never Lie by Dwayne Izzobelle (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Perfect Match by Dior Madrigal (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Perfectly Bewitched by Belle Feliz (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Prince Not So Charming by Doreen Laroya (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Remembering Sunday by Belle Feliz (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Runaway Groom by Jasmine Han (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • SANA AKIN KA NA LANG: MY LITTLE TEMPTRESS by Mechanic_Lady (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Scarlet by Armine Rhea Mendoza (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Shattered Memories by Dior Madrigal (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Stallion Revisited 8, 9, 10 by Sonia Francesca (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • Stay Forever by Monette Hernandez (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Sweetest Downfall by Elise Estrella (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • The Bitch Meets The Bastard by Zianna (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • The Enticing Escort by Alexie Aragon (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • The Good Wife by Angelene Buena (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • The List by Dior Madrigal (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • The Right One by Dior Madrigal (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • The Ten Year Gap by owwSic (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • The Unlikely Business by Scarlette Queen (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Trapped In His Paradise by Race Darwin (Redline Media Publishing Inc.)
  • Until Forever by Laurice del Rio (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • When I Met You by Ramonna Alvarez (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Wish List Number 10 by Spring Mendez (Precious Hearts Romances)
  • With Each Song by Sachi Bliss (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • You Owe Me by Monette Hernandez (Bookware Publishing Corp.)


  • 35 Kuwentong Klasiko by Multiple Authors (Adarna House)
  • A Field Guide to the Roads of Manila by Dean Francis Alfar (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Gagambeks at mga Kuwentong Waratpad by Mark Angeles (Visprint)
  • Isang Gabi sa Quezon Avenue at Iba Pang Kuwento by Mar Anthony Simon dela Cruz (UP Press)
  • Kids These Days by Mina Esguerra and Ronald Lim (editor) (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Our Darkest Hours by Jose Miguel Arguelles (Visprint)
  • Recuerdos de Patay and Other Stories by Caroline Hau (UP Press)


  • Ang Pagbabalik ni Maria Makiling by Will Ortiz (UP Press)
  • Apostle 13: A King’s Heart by altheadelarama (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Between Now and Forever by pajama_addict (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Girlfriend Blues by Kara_Malaya (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • HE’S INTO HER SEASON 2 BOOK 9-11 by MAXINEJIJI (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • Hope, Faith and Love by pajama_addict (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Hu U? by panjo (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Moymoy Lulumboy Book 2: Ang Nawawalang Birtud by Segundo D. Matias, Jr. / Jomike Tejido (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Mr. So Wrong by xxakanexx (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • My Heart and Seoul by mydearwriter (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Of Love and Second Chances by mydearwriter (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • One Message Received by pajama_addict (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Pangkat Papaya by Xi Zuq & Al Estrella (Adarna House)
  • Princess Maryam by Eric Cabahug (Visprint)
  • Said I Loved You by pajama_addict (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Si Janus Silang at ang Labanang Manananggal-Mambabarang by Edgar Calabia Samar (Adarna House)
  • Stardust in Her Heart by Autumn Castillo (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • Stolen by xxakanexx (Bookware Publishing Corp.)
  • THE WISHFUL THINKER by MAXINEJIJI (Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp.)
  • The Year We Became Invincible by Mae Coyiuto (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Wanted: Brother In Law by xxakanexx (Bookware Publishing Corp.)


  • Alpabetong Filipino Board Book by Nicanor G. Tiongson, Illustrated by Crispin Dayao, Jr. (Tahanan)
  • Ang Munting Opisina Ni Inay by Fernando Gonzales / Beth Parrocha-Doctolero (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Ang Nag-iisa at Natatanging si Onyok by Eugene Y. Evasco / Jomike Tejido (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Bee Happy by Joyce Piap-Go and Maria Cristina Sison (OMF Lit)
  • Big Sister by Zarah Gagatiga / Ruben de Jesus (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Dumaan si Butiki by Gigi Constantino / Ray Sunga (Adarna House)
  • From Manila With Love: A Balikbayan Story by Amy Luna Capelle, Illustrated by Auri Asuncion Yambao (Tahanan)
  • Haluhalo by Eli Camacho (Adarna House)
  • Happy Home#1 Coming Home by Grace D. Chong and Leo Kempis Ang (OMF Lit)
  • Happy Home#2 That First Sunday by Grace D. Chong and Leo Kempis Ang (OMF Lit)
  • Hudson Taylor and the Great Impossible by Jojie Wong and Jether Amar (OMF Lit)
  • Ibong Adarna (board book) by Jason Sto. Domingo (+) (Adarna House)
  • Kakanin! by Al Estrella (Adarna House)
  • Lala Burara by Excel Dyquiangco and Tintin Pantoja (OMF Lit)
  • Lam-ang Series 1: Ang Buhay ni Lam-Ang by Eugene Y. Evasco / Leo Cultura (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Maghapon Namin ni Nanay by Genaro Gojo Cruz / Nicole Lim (Adarna House)
  • Mang Andoy’s Signs by Mailin Paterno, Illustrated by Isabel Roxas (Tahanan)
  • Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #20 by Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD and Aaron Asis (OMF Lit)
  • Mga Premyadong Kuwentong Pambata: A Thousand Paper Cranes by Patricia Gomez Sy / Jomike Tejido (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Mga Premyadong Kuwentong Pambata: Gaano ba Kalayo Patungong Paaralan? by Genaro Gojo Cruz / Jericho Moral (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Mister Beetle’s Special Guitar by Robert Magnuson (Adarna House)
  • My Ate and I/My Kuya and I by Kay Aranzanso (Adarna House)
  • Namimingwit Sa Langit by Christopher Rosales / Jericho Moral (Lampara Publishing House, Inc. )
  • Nawawala si Muningning by Michael M. Coroza / Tokwa Peñaflorida (Adarna House)
  • Philippine Folktales (English) by Joanne Escalona (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Philippine Folktales (Filipino) by Joanne Escalona (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Salusalo para kay Kuya by Ergoe Tinio / JC Galag (Adarna House)
  • Si Katelyn at ang Game Machine by Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin / Manix Abrera (Vibal Group)
  • Sino Po Sila 1: Sa Tahanan by Jomike Tejido (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sino Po Sila 2: Sa Paaralan by Jomike Tejido (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sino Po Sila 3: Sa Daanan by Jomike Tejido (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sino Po Sila 4: Sa Pamayanan by Jomike Tejido (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Sino Po Sila 5: Sa Bayan by Jomike Tejido (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • The Idea Jungle by Pam Marie Ang / Bru Sim-Nada (Adarna House)
  • Wow, God! series: The Whiny Prophet who always Said No by Beng Alba-Jones and Bon Bernardo (OMF Lit)
  • Wow, God! series: The Secret of Samson’s Super Strength by Emil Flores and Paul Quiroga (OMF Lit)


  • Ang Subersibo by Adam David / Mervin Malonzo (Adarna House)
  • Halina Filipina by Arnold Arre (Chamber Shell Publishing Inc.)
  • Kare-kare Komiks by Andrew Drilon (Adarna House)
  • Kikomachinekomix Blg.11 Mga Kirot ng Kapalaran! by Manix Abrera (Visprint)
  • Light by Rob Cham (Adarna House)
  • News Hardcore by Manix Abrera (Visprint)
  • Piko by Josel Nicolas (editor) (Adarna House)
  • Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon (Manga) by Carljoe Javier / Natasha Ringor (Adarna House)
  • Sixty-Six by Russell Molina / Ian Sta. Maria (Adarna House)


  • A Sensual World by Beatriz Robles (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • A Thousand Eyes by Jim Pascual Agustin (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Atonement by Vaughan Rapatahana (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Histories by Charlie S. Veric (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Imago by Joseph Legaspi (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Lifeboat by Kristine Ong Muslim (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Lilok ng Lilo: Mga Tula by Lamberto E. Antonio (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Lyrical Objects by Marne Kilates (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • May Mga Damdaming Higit Kaysa Atin by Rio Alma (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Maybe Something by Isabela Banzon (UP Press)
  • Memory’s Mercy: New and Selected Poems by Myrna Peña-Reyes (UP Press)
  • Mula Tarima Hanggang at Iba pang mga Tula at Awit by Ericson Acosta (UP Press)
  • Nabighani: Mga Saling Tula ng Kapwa Nilikha by Albert E. Alejo (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Shorelands by Marc Gaba (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • The Reddest Herring by Francisco Guevara (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Things Happen by Cirilo F. Bautista (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • What Are You Doing Here by Dennis Haskell (UP Press)


  • BOBOto Ba Ako? How to Think Straight and Vote Right byRei Lemuel Crizaldo (OMF Lit)
  • Catholic Treasury of Prayers by Msgr. Manuel Gabriel (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Diary of the Legal Wife: Hope para sa Mukhang Hopeless na Marriage by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz (OMF Lit)
  • Get a Life . . . Online: Tips and Tricks para sa Hardcore na Netizen by Mighty Rasing (OMF Lit)
  • Holy Week and Easter Procession by Michael delos Reyes (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • How to Make your Misis Happy by Marlene Legaspi-Munar (OMF Lit)
  • Labanan ang Kababalaghan: Maligno by Hiram G. Pangilinan (OMF Lit)
  • Lakaw Ug Ayaw na Pagpakasala by Msgr. Joselito Asis (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • Lovestruck: Sweetheart Edition by Ronald Molmisa (OMF Lit)
  • Mercy and Compassion: Pope Francis Blesses the Philippines by Anvil Publishing, Inc. (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Moments of Grace by Arnel C. Tan (OMF Lit)
  • Pass or Fail? Book 2: Paano Maging the Best Youth Ever by Ronald Molmisa (OMF Lit)
  • Philippine Proverbs by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz, Illustrated by Eisen V. Bernardo (Tahanan)
  • Pitik-Bulag Meditation: A Thirty Day Detoxification by Fr. Willliam Samson SJ (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • Pope Francis: Close to our Hearts by Earnest Tan (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • Poverty and Ecology at the Crossroads: Towards an Ecological Theology of Liberation in the Philippine Context by Reynaldo D. Raluto (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Praying with Padre Pio (Part 1) by Bro. Jess Matias (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • Real Men are POGI: How to be Handsome in God’s Eyes to be Ready for your God’s Best (English edition) by Ardy Roberto (OMF Lit)
  • Salve Regina: On Crowning Images of the Virgin Mary by Michael delos Reyes (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • The Chronicles of a Pasahero by Primalou Lucido (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • What My Grandmother Told Me: Practical Wisdom From Spanish Proverbs and Sayings by Maria Paz elezegui Weir, Illustrated by Mahala Urra (Tahanan)
  • Witness: Mission Stories from Basilan by Joe Torres, editor (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • You’re Beautiful: But You can be Stunning Inside and Out by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz (OMF Lit)
  • Youthful Hearts, Sunshine and Shattered Dreams by Br. Harold Reynolds, FSC (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)


  • Discovering Tuba by Arturo G. Pacho (UP Press)
  • Judy Ann’s Kitchen by Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Makati’s Sulo: Where Taste was Style by Erlinda E. Panlilio (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Panaderia: Philippine Bread, Biscuit and Bakery Traditions by Jenny Orillos and Amy Uy (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Philippine Breads by Gene Gonzalez (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Simply Delicious by Maya Kitchen (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)


  • Anak ng Patola by DJ Chacha (ABS-CBN Publishing)
  • Ang Maglandi ay ‘Di Biro by Danilo Hernandez (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Day, Hard! by Annabelle Rama (ABS-CBN Publishing)
  • Kwentaxi by Juana Change Mae Paner (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Planet Panic by Pam Pastor (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Rock and Roll to the World by Ryan Rems (ABS-CBN Publishing)
  • Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor-Santiago (ABS-CBN Publishing)
  • The Goodbye Girl by Noreen Capili (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • The Return of the Comeback: Once Again for the Last Time Around! by Art Elbert Or (Tahanan)
  • Titser Pangkalawakan by Joselito Delos Reyes (Visprint)


  • 101 Kagila-gilalas na Nilalang by Edgar Calabia Samar (Adarna House)
  • A Man Called Tet by Jose Dalisay Jr. (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Across the Ancient Philosophical World: Essays in Comparative Philosophy by Alfredo P. Co (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Amadio’s Box by Amadio Arboleda (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Ambagan 2013 by Michael M. Coroza (UP Press)
  • And Then She Laughed by Sylvia Claudio (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Ang Autobiografia ng Ibang Lady Gaga by Jack Alvarez (Visprint)
  • Antiquity, Archaeological Processes, and Highland Adaptation: The Ifugao Rice Terraces by Stephen Acabado (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Armida by Monica S. Villonco (ABS-CBN Publishing)
  • Arsenio H. Lacson of Manila by Amador Brioso (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Back from the Crocodile’s Belly: Philippine Babaylan Studies and the Struggle for Indigenous Memory by Leny Mendoza Strobel and S. Lily Mendoza (eds.) (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Ballads and Tales of the Kankanaey of the Bakun, Amburayan River Valleys by Florentino H. Hornedo (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Becoming-Religion: Alfred North Whitehead and a Contemporary Philosophical Reflection by Kenneth C. Masong (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Beginnings of the Filipino Dominicans: History of the Philippinization of the Religious Orders in the Philippines by Rolando V. Dela Rosa, OP (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Building Inclusive Democracies in ASEAN by Ronald Mendoza (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Changing Cultures and Religious Practices in Asia by Binod C. Agrawal (ed.) (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Chinese Buddhism in Catholic Philippines by Fr. Ari Dy (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Collected Stories of Jose Garcia Villa by Jonathan Chua (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Cosmic Wild: Biology of Science Fiction by Ronald Cruz (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Dean Worcester’s Fantasy Islands: Photography, Film, and the Colonial Philippines by Mark Rice (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Diksiyonaryong Biswal ng Arkitekturang Filipino by Rino D.A. Fernandez (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Entablado: Theaters and Performances in the Philippines by Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco (UP Press )
  • Filipino Woman Writing: Home and Exile in the Autobiographical Narratives of Ten Writers by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Handa Ako! by Liwliwa Malabed / Mia Lagos (Adarna House)
  • Happy Na, Gay Pa by Danton Remoto (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Heneral Luna: The Story Behind the Movie by Dr. Vivencio R. Jose (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • He’s Dating the Transgender by Arthur Sta. Ana (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • History and Heritage of the Kudan: The Official Residence of the Philippine Ambassador to Japan by Ambeth R. Ocampo (ArtPostAsia)
  • Home Work 2 by Queena Lee-Chua (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Imagining the Creator God: From Antiquity to Astrophysics by Georges de Schrijver, S.J. (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • INABEL: Philippine Textile from the Ilocos Region by Al Valenciano , Regalado Trota Jose, Dr. Norma Respicio, Michael Manalo, Hannah Cunanan, Rene Guatlo (ArtPostAsia)
  • Kritikal na Espasyo ng Kulturang Popular by Rolando B. Tolentino / Gary C. Devilles (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Life, Love, Lust by Margarita Go Singco Holmes (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Looking Back 10: Two Lunas, Two Mabinis by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Looking Back 9: Demonyo Tables by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Luzon at War by Dr. Milagros Guerrero (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Macliing Dulag: Kalinga Chief, Defender of the Cordillera by Ceres Doyo (UP Press )
  • Making Moros by Michael Hawkins (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Many Journeys, Many Voices by Edna Manlapaz, Czarina Saloma and Yael Buencamino (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • More Hispanic than We Admit 2 by Gloria Cano (editor) (Vibal Group)
  • Mountains and Sea: Case Studies in Coastal, Riverine, and Upland Archaeology of Ilocos Sur by Michael Armand P. Canilao (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Pathway to Diplomacy by Emmanuel R. Fernandez (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Pintacasi (vol. VII) by University of Santo Tomas – Center for Conservation of Cultural
  • Poetry Is: Jose Garcia Villa’s Philosophy of Poetry by Robert L. King (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • RE: Reviews, Reflections, Recollections by Luis H. Francia (UP Press )
  • Recognition: Examining Identity Struggles by Renante D. Pilapil (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Sex, Virginity and Relationships by Pammy Godoy (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • Shadows of Light: Philippine Church History Under Spain by Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB (CLARETIAN COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION, INC.)
  • State and Finance in the Philippines, 1898-1941: The Mismanagement of an American Colony by Yoshiko Nagano (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • The Aquino Legacy: And Enduring Narrative by Elfren Sicangco Cruz and Neni Sta. Romana Cruz (Imprint Publishing)
  • The Chief is in the House by Joel Pablo Salud (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • The Lost Vision: The Philippine Left, 1986-2010 by Ken Fuller (UP Press )
  • The Third Asiatic Invasion by Rick Baldoz (UP Press )
  • The Way Forward: The Path to Inclusive Growth by Calixto Chikiamco (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • The Writer, The Lover and The Diplomat by Beth Day Romulo and David Hyatt (Anvil Publishing, Inc.)
  • To Remember to Remember: Reflections on the Literary Memoirs of Filipino Women by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • Transforming Nikkeijin Identity and Citizenship: Untold Life Histories of Japanese Migrants and their Descendants in the Philippines, 1903-2013 by Shun Ohno (Ateneo de Manila University Press)
  • Tulong: An Articulation of Politics in the Christian Philippines by Soon Chuan Yen (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
  • What Kids Should Know About Filipino Architecture by Edson Cabalfin / Asa Montenejo (Adarna House)

Nomination period is until February 2017, so you might want to get your nominations in early! We will announce when the voting period will be after the public nomination ends.

We are also accepting requests for category changes via a formal request by the author or publisher. We are also open to verification requests for qualification but we reserve the right to make the final decision.

If you have questions, send us an email to filipinoreaderschoice(at)


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