Filipino Friday 2013 #3: The Pinoy Book Drop Round-up


Our third Filipino Friday was the culmination of the Pinoy Book Drop interactive activity that saw a ton of books being dropped at random places for an entire week, to be picked by their new owners. We have already said it in our Filipino Friday post but it won’t hurt to say it again: thank you to all who gamely and enthusiastically participated in the Pinoy Book Drop, little glitches notwithstanding. And to all who were unable to participate, for their own understandable reasons, thank you as well for answering our non-participant questions.

Here are the list of participants and non-participants who took time out to answer our third Filipino Friday questions. The list is by no means complete, as there are others who have participated in the drop but were unable to share their experience at length.

You guys are awesome:

1. Jinky of Jinky is reading
2. Blooey of Bookmarked!
3. Louize of The Page Walker
4. Chris of Ficsation
5. Monique of marginalia
6. Justine of Claiming Alexandria
7. Kat of strangely out of place
8. Angus of Book Rhapsody
9. Tin of Rabbitin
10. Alona of off the wall
11. Lynai of It’s A Wonderful Bookworld!
12. Arjohn of The Journal of Phercy Noya
13. Judie of Citizen Judie
14. Katherine of curiosa kat
15. Pammy of Life of a Cuddlebit
16. Tina of i like it dog-eared
17. Verne of Overbooked Reader
18. Chrissie of The Write Side

If you have some books that you still intend to drop, please do so! Let’s continue to share our love of reading everyday, and in the most random of places.  ;)

Until the next Filipino Friday, everyone! :)