Filipino Friday 4: 5 Revolutions that Changed the Way I Read


When we talk about revolution, change comes to mind. Our country’s history has one major revolution that changed the course of how things are.

We can relate this to reading, as so many things have changed in the past few years that affected how we read, how we get what we read, where we read it, among other things. How writers write even changed, but that probably is another story.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘revolution’ as ‘a sudden, radical, or complete change’. It is also ‘a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something’ and ‘a changeover in use or preference especially in technology’.

This week’s Filipino Friday (which is our fourth and final one before ReaderCon) asks:

What are the five (5) Revolutions that Changed the Way You Read?

This can be any sort of revolution, any change in any way that you read your books. Did you switch from print to digital? Do you buy your books in a physical store or order it from an online one? Do you pre-order or wait for release day? There are so many ways your reading habit has changed, even if you don’t feel like it did. We want to hear them.

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