2015 Panels and Activities

The 5th Filipino Reader Conference
November 28, 2015
Henry Sy Hall, the De La Salle University, Manila


— Panels from 09:35 A.M. – 10:35 A.M. —

“Readers Take the Reins” 
Much has been made of the greater influence readers now wield in publishing, but what would the landscape look like if readers really ran things? This panel is all about the changes that readers would make if they were in charge of anything and everything related to books in the Philippines. A world where Philippine publishing has thriving crime or steam punk genres? Where regional language books are commonplace? Where local books aren’t confined to the Filipiniana section? Where komiks are released on a monthly basis? Where books are never charged or held in customs? These are the reading utopias that readers dream of – and which they may yet create.

Panelists will be avid readers with specific ideas of how things could be better for the Filipino reader. These ideas can come in a wide array of forms, but all panelists are encouraged to touch upon what kinds of books they’d like to see more of in the local publishing industry.

Panelists: Eriele Japsay, Blooey Singson, Tarie Sabido
Facilitator: Paolo Chikiamco

“The Blog Tour: How to Turn Your Book into a Rockstar”
The “blog tour” is a staple of international publishing when it comes to marketing books. Blog tours introduce a new book or new author to new readers, concentrating a promotional push to a small time frame (usually a week) and book bloggers sign up to review the book, interview the author, post promotional material, and other activities. The result is buzz, especially when the book finds a lot of love in the reader community. How are Filipino book bloggers involved in this? Do they tour Filipino books? What kinds of books do well on a blog tour? Wait – this actually happens? Find out how readers, authors, and publishers are coming together to help a book find its readers, and how you can participate.

Panelists: Jothee Tan (The Bookwhore Diaries), Xi Zuq (Xi Zuq’s Nook), Anne Plaza (Will Read for Feels)
Facilitator: Mina V. Esguerra

— Panels from 10:55 A.M. – 12:00 N.N. —

“What Readers in Vulnerable Areas Need”
We’ve talked about what we readers want, at past ReaderCons and in between. This session covers specifically what readers need, especially if they happen to live in vulnerable areas, or places where recent events have affected their access to free or affordable reading materials. In Tacloban in particular, where libraries are being rebuilt after the damage brought by the Typhoon Yolanda. What are the challenges encountered when fulfilling the needs of these readers? What are the rewards? Are there practices we can apply to address the needs of readers everywhere?

Panelists: Ida Torres (Tacloban Library Project), Mary Josefti Nito (Read for Hope), Anthony Zuniga (PrepLab)
Facilitator: Honey de Peralta

“Supporting the Authors You Love”
It’s tough to make a living from being an author, but many authors have untapped allies in their struggles – their readers. While it’s harder for an author to stand out in this day and age, it is also easier than ever for readers to take a more direct hand in supporting authors. The voices of readers have more sway than ever before. This panel is for readers who want to exercise this power wisely, in supporting authors, both as individuals, and by championing pro-author issues. The panel will also include a response from readers, who will speak with regard to what authors (and publishers) can do to help readers help them.

Panelists: Kim Villanueva, Beverly Siy, Adam David, Mina V. Esguerra, Tepai Pascual
Facilitator: Paolo Chikiamco


— Activities from 01:30 P.M. – 02:30 P.M. —

  • Speed Dating with Authors – hosted by Romance Writers of the Philippines
  • Reader Goes Independent – hosted by Free Book Day PH
  • Spoken Word Activity 
  • Discussions: Alternative Alamat by Paolo Chikiamco (Ed.)
    A book discussion hosted by The Filipino Group: Goodreads (TFG: GR)

— Activities from 2:30 P.M. – 03:30 P.M. —

  • Live Reading with Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates hosted by #romanceclass
  • Discussions: Martial Law Babies by Arnold Arre 
    A book discussion hosted by the Flips Flipping Pages
  • Discussions: In Sisterhood: Lea at Lualhati by Lualhati Bautista
    A book discussion hosted by Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books

Book Launches
04:00 P.M. – 04:30 P.M.

The Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards Ceremony
04:45 P.M. – 06:00 P.M.