Filipino Friday 4: 5 Revolutions that Changed the Way I Read


When we talk about revolution, change comes to mind. Our country’s history has one major revolution that changed the course of how things are.

We can relate this to reading, as so many things have changed in the past few years that affected how we read, how we get what we read, where we read it, among other things. How writers write even changed, but that probably is another story.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘revolution’ as ‘a sudden, radical, or complete change’. It is also ‘a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something’ and ‘a changeover in use or preference especially in technology’.

This week’s Filipino Friday (which is our fourth and final one before ReaderCon) asks:

What are the five (5) Revolutions that Changed the Way You Read?

This can be any sort of revolution, any change in any way that you read your books. Did you switch from print to digital? Do you buy your books in a physical store or order it from an online one? Do you pre-order or wait for release day? There are so many ways your reading habit has changed, even if you don’t feel like it did. We want to hear them.

As always, don’t forget to share your answers! You can answer the question directly on the comments section below, or paste the link to your post. If you’re sharing it on social media, you can tag us on Twitter (@FilReaderCon) or on Facebook. Don’t forget the hashtag #FilipinoFriday on either one!

See you tomorrow! Check out the reminders for ReaderCon as well as directions on how to get to the venue.


Filipino Friday # 3: 5 Ways I Can Support Filipino Authors


Last week we talked about the things we wish as a Filipino reader, and the response was amazing. It’s fantastic to see how positive we all are for the future of Filipino publishing, readership, authorship and so on. It’s a bright future for us all, and it’s starting now.

We all play a part in making these wishes come true. To start, we can support our authors! Without authors, what will we read, right? This week’s Filipino Friday is all about that.

Let us know what are the Five (5) ways you can support Filipino authors? Buying their books is definitely the best way to do so, but what more can we do?

We won’t ask further questions. We know you have lots of ideas on how this can be done, and we’re pretty excited to hear it.

There are plenty of ways you can share your list. If you’ve posted your answer on your website or blog, share the link to your post in the comments section below! You can also leave your responses directly below. You can also respond or share via Twitter (@FilReaderCon) and use the hashtag (#FilipinoFriday). If you share it through Facebook, don’t forget to use the same hashtag!

See you all next week! How time flies.

Filipino Friday #2: 5 Things I Wish as a Filipino Reader


Hey everyone! It’s round two of Filipino Friday!

It’s a fantastic time to a Filipino Reader. Not only are we getting new books from writers all over the world, we are also getting a lot of author visits that keep people excited and eager to read. Best of all, there is an increase of Filipino-authored books available in the market, so there’s more choices for you to read. From the classic works of Jose Rizal, the more modern but still relevant works of Nick Joaquin; to the very new works that first appeared in Wattpad or in online workshops, you have so many choices.

But it’s still a very dynamic landscape. As the Filipino reading scene has changed over the past years, it’s highly likely that we’ll see something new in the future too.

For this week’s Filipino Friday question, we ask you What are the five (5) Things You Wish as a Filipino Reader?

This could be anything! What stories do you want to see from our local authors? Which author do you want to visit the country? Would you want to see your favorite comic book become a live action movie? It’s time for you to share your ultimate wishlist from your perspective as a Filipino Reader. Go wild, go crazy!

If you’ve posted your answer on your website or blog, let us know by sharing the link to your post in the comments section below! You can also leave your responses directly below. Share your answers through Twitter (@FilReaderCon) and use the hashtag (#FilipinoFriday). Facebook also works great, and don’t forget to use the same hashtag when you post there.

Hey, Christmas is near! Who knows? Something in your wishlist may just come true.

Filipino Fridays 2015 #1: Five Ways Reading has Changed My Life


Hello, everyone! It’s time for our first Filipino Friday for 2015! Hurrah!

For those who are new to this activity, Filipino Friday is a weekly internet meme held during the Fridays of the Filipino Reader Conference month where Filipino readers around the world (like you!) are highly encouraged to take part in! To be able to participate in this activity, all you need to do is to read the weekly Filipino Friday posts, write a response to each weekly prompt on your own blog or any social networking account (which must be set to public for us to see it), and post a link to your answers in the comments section. After posting your answers, we encourage you to check out what your fellow bloggers and readers have posted! This is a timely and exciting opportunity for each of us to get to know and interact with other readers and writers, and it is one you will surely enjoy.

For our first topic, let’s take a look at how reading has molded, changed, or even revolutionized our lives. Whether in grand or simple ways, reading may have surely influenced your mindset on things, gave you unique, wonderful ideas to write about, and perhaps, it might have led you to meeting new friends! :D

And so, this week’s prompt is…

How do you think has reading changed your life? Please share with us at most five significant ways that will show how reading has influenced your life. These could be in terms of personality, career, studies, and other parts of your life this influence has taken place. :D

Please don’t forget to post a link to your post in the comments section below! You can also leave your responses below, too! :D You can also tweet us (@FilReaderCon) and use the hashtag (#FilipinoFriday). You can also tag us on Facebook and use the same hashtag when you post there!

We’re definitely thrilled to see your responses! ^^

The Road to Filipino ReaderCon 2015: Activities

It’s starting to get really busy behind the scenes as we prepare for the 5th Filipino ReaderCon – contacting speakers and session hosts, looking for sponsors (want to be one of them? :D), setting up the registration, all that jazz. But of course we’re not forgetting you, readers!

As with every ReaderCon since 2011, we’ve got some fun online (and offline) activities for everyone as we head Toward a Reading Revolution. These activities will run in various social media channels leading to the Filipino ReaderCon on November 28, to be held at the Henry Sy Sr Hall, De La Salle University.

We’d love it if you can join in these activities – and who knows, some lucky participants might even win some prizes. :)


Yes, we’re on Instagram now! Starting November 4, post a photo on Instagram following the prompts set for the day! Make sure you tag us and use the hashtags #RoadtoFRC2015 and #Filreadercon so we can share your post! Not on Instagram? Post it on Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtags (make sure your accounts are public!) so we can see your post.

And if in case you miss a day, just catch up, no worries. There’s always #latepost and #latergram :D

ig photoaday

Filipino Friday:


Filipino Friday is back, and will start on November 6! Same as always, we encourage book bloggers to answer a weekly topic that is connected to this year’s Filipino ReaderCon theme! Posts explaining the topic will be posted every Friday morning. Participating is easy – just answer the question on your blog, the comments section of this site, or even in your favorite social media channel (again, make sure it’s public and you tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram so we can see your answer) to join the discussion. :)

And because we’re all into listicles lately, and it’s the 5th year of the Filipino ReaderCon, we’re asking 5 things from you every week:

  • November 6: 5 Ways Reading Has Changed My Life
    How has reading affected your life? What changes happened to you because of books, and reading?
  • November 13: 5 Things I Wish as a Filipino Reader
    We all want things, and as Filipino readers, I’m sure we wish for a lot of things as far as reading is concerned. So what are the things you want to see, read, have access to, as a reader? Tell us what’s on your wish list!
  • November 20: 5 Ways I Can Support Filipino Authors/Books
    It’s an exciting time for Filipino authors, and we are seeing more and more books written by them out in the wild. As Filipino readers, what are ways that I can support local authors and their books?
  • November 27: 5 Revolutions that Changed the Way I Read
    Reading and being a book lover today is definitely different from say 6 years ago. What are the revolutions (be it big or small) that changed the way you read?

Pinoy bOOK drOP

There’s something very romantic about leaving books for other people to find, yes? We’re bringing the Pinoy Book Drop back for ReaderCon this year – and it’s also incorporated in the Instagram #RoadtoFRC2015 challenge! Pick some books from your shelf and set them free, but don’t forget to leave a little note for other readers to find it!

1. Pick a book (or two, or three, or yes, four!) that you wish to give away, or that’s okay for you to part with, for one reason or another. Make sure to check the pages for important stuff – anything you may have inserted there and forgotten but you may want to hold on to.

2. Download and print the customized bookplate below these instructions. It doesn’t have to be in color – black and white will work just as fine! Paste or stick one bookplate on a clear page or area of the book/s that you wish to give away. Yes, you can sign your name and leave a note, too, if you want.


Click for full size

3. Leave or “drop” the book/s in a public place, or basically any place where people are sure to see them: in a café, in the office, at a restaurant, the gym, it’s up to you. (Well, maybe not inside a bookstore, yeah.) You know where someone is likely to see the book/s and pick it up, yes?

4. Before leaving the book/s where you “dropped” them, take a photo. If you’re leaving two or more books, be sure to take note of the date, time, and place where you left each one. Post the picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and hashtag it with #pbdrop / #filreadercon #RoadtoFRC2015, so we can share your post and people can find the book you dropped! :)

There’s a scheduled Book Drop day (every Friday of November), but you can drop a book every day if you want to! And if you’re one of the lucky ones who found a book, let us know by tagging us so we can all throw a mini-online party for the book finding a new owner! :)


Ready for the activities? Let’s make some noise online (and offline!) as we get ready for the 5th Filipino ReaderCon! All roads lead to Henry Sy Sr Hall, DLSU on November 28 – Toward a Reading Revolution! :)