Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 Finalists


We thought last year was record breaking, but this year just shattered our expectations and left us speechless. So yes, if you checked our post last year, we did hit 100,000 votes and exceeded that number, actually. :D What an amazing turn out! For this year we got an astounding 101, 358 votes (yes, we triple checked!) when the voting period came to a close and it took us a while to verify because of the sheer number we had to go through.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated, voted, told their friends, classmates, random strangers, harnessed the power of social media or just passed the information by word of mouth to go and vote for their favorite books and authors. The committee is beyond words because of this year’s voting turn out and from our hearts, we sincerely thank you all for the support!

We made you wait long enough so finally, here are the finalists for this year’s Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards!


Fiction in English:

  • Rising by Alen Rio (Flipside Publishing) – 5,080
  • Snows of Yesteryears by Elmer Ordoñez (UP Press) – 3,703
  • The Samurai’s Scrolls: Beginnings by A.K. Tolentino (Flipside Publishing) – 2,910

Fiction in Filipino/Taglish:

  • Huwag Mong Sakyan ang Buhawi by Efren R. Abueg (Ateneo University Press) – 4,414
  • An Angel Turned Into A Devil by LadyMasquerade (Life Is Beautiful (LIB) Printing Corporation) – 3,391
  • Class 3-C Has A Secret by Charotera/Enah Guevarra (Viva PSICOM) – 2,817

Romance in English:

  • Only A Kiss by Ines Bautista-Yao (Self-published) – 9,917
  • Hard to Hold by Eve Montelibano (SD&M Publishing House) – 6,478
  • The Kitchen When It Sizzles by Chrissie Peria (Self-published) – 2,090

Romance in Filipino/Taglish:

  • He’s Into Her by maxinejiji (Life Is Beautiful (LIB) Printing Corporation) – 16,540
  • Angel Dust Trilogy Book 2: Zuri by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation) – 15,202
  • Heartless by jonaxx (Jonah Mae Pacala) (Summit/Sizzle) – 12,935

Fiction Anthology:

  • Sola Musica by Mina V. Esguerra, Marla Miniano, Chinggay Labrador, Ines B Yao (self-published) – 8,152
  • Gotita de Dragon by Nick Joaquin (Anvil Publishing) – 4,400
  • Para sa Broken Hearted by Marcelo Santos III (VIVA PSICOM) – 3,331

Young Adult Fiction:

  • Mapapansin Kaya? by Jonaxx (Summit / Pop Fiction) – 13,174
  • I Remember The Boy 1 : Bonifacio by Sofia (LIB) – 11,729
  • Montello High School Of Gangsters by sielalstreim (Shiela Mae Familaran) (Summit/Pop Fiction) – 8,158

Children’s Picture Book:

  • Vicky Belo: Ang Batang Nagpalaganap ng Kagandahan by Eugene Y. Evasco/Jonathan Ranola (Vibal/LG & M Corporation) – 7,606
  • Marvino’s League of Superheroes by Rae Rival-Cosico/Jamie Bauza (Adarna House) – 3,916
  • Isang Harding Papel by Augie Rivera / Rommel Joson (Adarna House) – 1,655

Comics and Graphic Novels:

  • BLACKink SHORTCUTS: BIC 0028 by Ramin Shabestari, Mike Banting, Arnel Avetria, Alvin Bragais (Black Ink Comics) – 3,665
  • Zombinoy ~ Issue No. 6 by Geonard Yleana, Carlo Cruz, Sid Santos, Dennies Layante (Pelikomiks Studios) – 3,148
  • Ang Sumpa ~ Kabanata 2: Ang Silid by Andoyman (self-published) – 2,436


  • Pesoa by Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles (Balangay Productions) – 6,560
  • Kundiman sa Gitna ng Karimlan by E. San Juan (UP Press) – 3,132
  • Mga Awit ng Baseng Gerilya by Malyari Lucban (Dagitab Publishing) – 2,083


  • Nourished by God’s Word (Year A, B & C Sunday Gospel Reflections) by Msgr. Jesus-Romulo C. Raἦada (Pauline Publishing House) – 6,765
  • Boring Ba ang Bible Mo: How your Story fits in the Big Story by Rei Lemuel Crizaldo (OMF Literature) – 4,253
  • Dear Alex, Break Na Kami! Paano?! Love, Catherine by Alex Gonzaga (ABS-CBN Publishing) – 4,159


  • Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago (ABS-CBN Publishing) – 15,944
  • Help!!! Ayoko Na Syota Ko! by Ramon Bautista (ABS-CBN Publishing) – 4,526
  • Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot FB Edition Vol. 2 by Ed Lapiz (Church Strengthening Ministry Inc) – 3,810

Food and Cookbook:

  • My Angkong’s Noodles by Clinton Huang Palanca (Summit) – 4,270
  • Yummy Mommy by Tricel de Guzman (Anvil Publishing Inc) – 3,556
  • Yummy Filipino Favorites (Summit) – 2,814


  • Cesar Virata: Life and Times: Through Four Decades of Philippine Economic History by Gerardo P. Sicat (UP Press) – 12,521
  • Biyaheng Langit: Jeepney Folk Art by Electrolychee Studio (5 Ports Publishing) – 3,269
  • Philippine Heritage Homes by Jaime Laya, et al. (Anvil Publishing Inc) – 1,817

Congratulations to all the finalists! Publishers, expect letters requesting for evaluation copies to land in your inboxes soon. We will now enter the next stage and these books will now be judged by a panel composed of selected book bloggers and readers which will be briefed soon, and will then be up for deliberation to decide which book is deserving of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards title for this year.

The winners will be announced at the Filipino ReaderCon this November, more information about the event will be posted soon. See you at the awarding ceremony!


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