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Not sure who to vote for in the Comics / Graphic Novels category of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards? Or you’re simply curious about the nominated books? Here’s some information and reviews about the books. We hope this helps you vote, and pick up some of the nominees to read for yourself. :)

Don’t forget: you can show your support for your favorite books among the nominees of the first Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards — just drop by this ballot and submit! The top 3 books per category will proceed to the next round. Voting period is until July 31.


Angel Crush by Ace VitangcolAngel Crush
(2011, Alturia Hill)

So what exactly is Angel Crush? It’s the story of a regular high school girl from La Onterio named Faye Willow, whose main goal in life is to graduate from high school, go to a good college, get a good career, and live her life in peace.

…only Heaven has other plans for her. So without warning, an angel crashes through her roof, and her life is turned upside down!

Angel Crush is our new series boasting a partially different art style from Love is in the Bag, but set in the same universe. This means your favorite Love is in the Bag characters can still have cameos and even interact with the newer characters


Skyworld #3: Prodigal by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria
(2011, Alamat)

Every legend hides a lie

The Queen of the Asuang and her legion
have taken over the country.

Alexandra Trese leads the resistance
along-side Makabo, a Tikbalang warrior,
and Kaio, the Duwende trickster.

Trapped in their epic battle is Andoy,
a teenage boy tasked with uniting an army
of Tikbalang, Enkanto, Kapre and Duwende
against the Asuang.

But before he can lead them, he must
first recover a mystical sword
that was once part of
the fabled Yamashita Treasure.


  • “Action-packed panels + passionate storytelling + colorful characters = 1 comics series not to miss.” – A Mess Called Amrie’s Life
  • “There is so many good things about Skyworld, foremost of which is the incredible narration and the fantastic art.” – The Birth of Damnation


Trese # 4: Last Seen After Midnight by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo
(2011, Visprint)

Foul play. Magic spells. Supernatural criminals. When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese.

This graphic novel contains the following cases:

In a neglected area of Luneta Park, where the grass grows untended, a man is found strangled by vines; which have started to grow outwards, killing anyone that gets in its path.

A manananggal has been found, tortured and murdered. The Manananggal Clan declares war on the Aswang Clan. Trese must find the real murderer before more blood is shed, before Manila gets in the crossfire of a supernatural gang war.

A strange illness has affected the students living along Katipunan Avenue. The doctors are clueless on what’s driving these people mad with despair. Can Trese trace the source of this growing paranormal epidemic?

Once a year, in General Santos City, the demons and creatures of the underworld converge to watch a most awaited event, where the country’s greatest boxer fights for his very soul.


  • “From details to the excellent layout of the action scenes, KaJo’s art in Book 4 jumped a couple of levels…Budgette’s writing, as always, is top-notch in terms of wit, narration and insight.” Geek Out!
  • “For the most part, the narrative[Fight of the Year] revolves around the guest star, and while that’s usually enough to entice readers, it’s done in such a way that there’s personal investment and evokes reader sympathy.” – Philippine Online Chronicles


High Society by Hannah Buena and Paolo Chikiamco
(2011, Rocket Kapre and Flipside)

Take your first step into a world of automata, magic, and alternative history! The year is 1764, and, for the first time in nearly two centuries, the Spanish forces have been repelled from the great walled city of Manila. While the Spaniards are quick to lay the blame at the feet of the invading British and their clockwork machines, the secret to the success of the Filipinos may lie closer to home, with an ally that is both ancient and new, mythical and mechanical. “High Society” is a stand-alone steampunk comic book in the “Wooden War” series.


  • “High Society is a rich alternate history adventure with a dose of post-colonial badass.” –AdarnaSF
  • “Believe me. You’ve never seen anything like this before.” – PlanetMarkus
  • “High Society is a creative take in Philippine history, and anyone who’s a history buff, or at least interested in alternate histories and steampunk should pick this up.” – One More Page


Love is in the Bag Volume 5 by Ace Vitangcol
(2011, Alturia Hill)

A wacky comedy about a romance that must turn bag to normal!

Kate and Calvin spent as much time with each other as they could, before her condition finally reached a boiling point during the championship match between Saint Xander and Kripbam.

With Kate apparently turning into a bag for good, what options are left for Calvin and the gang? How are they going to bring her back? Meanwhile, does Calvin still have the will-power to face Mark Spencer in the second half…and win? Also, what of Kate’s best friend Kara, whose relationship with Calvin’s rival Mark remains a murky one. What’s in store for them? With so much riding on Calvin’s shoulders, his destiny-and that of everybody else-hurtles towards an explosive conclusion. Will Kate and Calvin be together in the end?

Chock-full of silly gags, awkward situations, complicated drama, and tingly romance, Love is in the Bag is an atypical love comedy that’s sure to brighten your day…and prove that in love, with the right set of friends, it’s all in the bag.


Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan
(2010/2011, SLG Publishing/National Bookstore)

ELMER is a window into an alternate Earth where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they consider themselves a race no different from whites, browns or blacks, and push to recognize rights for themselves as the newest members of the human race.

ELMER tells the story of a family of chickens who live and struggle to survive in a suddenly complicated, dangerous and yet beautiful world.


  • “Elmer is beautifully illustrated by Gerry Alanguilan, who proves himself to be just as skilled a writer.” – Corey Blake
  • “Filipino graphic novelist Gerry Alanguilan has taken an absurd concept and turned it into something genuinely moving.” – Blogging for a Good Book


Foldabots Chronicles Volume 1 by Jomike Tejido and Jill Arwen Posadas
(2011, Jomike Tejido)

This Comic Book is a compilation of comics episodes which was also featured in KZone Philippines. Created by Jomike Tejido, script by Jil Arwen Posadas, and colors by Joel Chua.


KikoMachine Komiks Blg6 by Manix Abera
(2010, Visprint)

“KIKOMACHINE KOMIX is a compilation of comics strip created, written and illustrated by Manix Abrera from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The strip is about a hilarious group of students in U.P. Diliman.”


  • “I think that’s what makes Abrera tick for me. Those quotes prove that he is an artist with brain. Pa-deep kunwari but I think he is really deep.” – KD(Goodreads)
  • “Da best pa rin pare, at kakaiba ang Choose Your Own Adventure na parte ng libro! Asteeg.” – DC(Goodreads)


Weather-Weather Lang by Norby Ela
(2010, NMN Creative)

A 2010 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge entry.

A big storm hits and endangers the Philippines…


  • “It’s a heart-warming, feel good read. One that you could share with friends especially those who are not into komiks.” Rai’s Garage

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