2013 Adarna House Books

  • Masaya Ako! illustrated by Yasmin Doctor
  • Mga Hayop sa Filipinas illustrated by Iori Espiritu
  • Pista Na! illustrated by Ariel Santillan
  • But That Won’t Make Me Sleep written by Annie Pacaña-Lumbao, illustrated by Liza Flores
  • EDSA written by Russell Molina, illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III
  • Go! written by Becky Bravo, illustrated by Vanessa Tamay
  • Hating Kapatid written by Raissa Rivera Falgui, illustrated by Fran Alvarez
  • May Darating na Trak Bukas written by Rio Alma, illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III
  • Maylan and His Toy Top written and illustrated by Marcy Dans Lee
  • Ngumiti si Andoy written by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Dominic Agsaway
  • The Little Girl in a Box written by Felinda V. Bagas, illustrated by Aldy Aguirre
  • When Zero Left Number Land written by Maita Songco Salvador, illustrated by Iori Espiritu
  • Ang Pamana ni Andres Bonifacio researched by Emmanuel Encarnacion, illustrated by Jinggo Montenejo, design by Eli Camacho
  • What Kids Should Know about Andres and the Katipunan written by Weng Cahiles, illustrated by Isa Natividad
  • PilandoKomiks Isyu 2: Mga Pagsubok ng Karagatan written and illustrated by Borg Sinaban
  • Good Night, Lala written by Corazon Ordonez-Calica
  • Piagsugpatan: Stories of the Mandaya written by Marcy Dans Lee, illustrated by Marcy Dans Lee, Conrad Raquel, Aldy Aguirre
  • Ang Walong Baso ni Kuya Paquito written by Annie Pacaña-Lumbao and illustrated by Ray Nazarene Sunga

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