Celebrating Filipino Book Clubs

During last year’s first Filipino ReaderCon, we had a panel on book clubs to introduce the existence of local book clubs to the Filipino readers. Book club administrators/moderators were invited to speak and introduce their book clubs, talk about their activities, and explain how they kept their book clubs going. You can check out the videos from last year here:

But what is a book club, anyway?

A book club, the way we define it, is a group of people who meet on a regular basis to engage in book or book-related discussions and activities. Meetings may occur in a member’s house, bookstores, or in public venues such as restaurants or cafes. Book clubs may also be referred to as book groups or reading groups.

Some book clubs have open membership, and some are private. Some book clubs are online; others offline. There are also those that are both online and offline. Some book clubs are general interest clubs (meaning they read any book); some are genre- or author-specific. Some are based in a school or university, but a lot are those put up by ordinary book lovers who are looking for people to discuss books with. Some conduct very structured discussions; some are pretty fluid and laid-back when it comes to meetings. Basically, there is likely a book club for your interest. (Source: The 1st Filipino ReaderCon FAQs)

We think book clubs play an important role in the Filipino reading community, that’s why we have asked some of the local book clubs to host activities in the upcoming Filipino ReaderCon. If you’ve never attended a book club activity (or never even thought that book clubs exist here), the make sure you’re there in the afternoon sessions of the ReaderCon on August 18!

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In preparation for these fun book club activities, we are declaring this week as Book Club Week! Watch out for guest posts from some book club members in the Philippines describing their book clubs, as well as some stories and links from these activities. :) We will also talk about how one can start a book club and how to take care of it. :) Finally, we will cap this off by this week’s Filipino Friday where you get to talk about your own book club experience. :)

Personally, I wouldn’t be reading as much now if it weren’t for my book club. So if you’re a part of one and they made your reading life more colorful, this week is the perfect week to show them some love. :)

Happy book club week everyone! Cheers to all Filipino Book Clubs! :)


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