Filipino Friday # 3: 5 Ways I Can Support Filipino Authors


Last week we talked about the things we wish as a Filipino reader, and the response was amazing. It’s fantastic to see how positive we all are for the future of Filipino publishing, readership, authorship and so on. It’s a bright future for us all, and it’s starting now.

We all play a part in making these wishes come true. To start, we can support our authors! Without authors, what will we read, right? This week’s Filipino Friday is all about that.

Let us know what are the Five (5) ways you can support Filipino authors? Buying their books is definitely the best way to do so, but what more can we do?

We won’t ask further questions. We know you have lots of ideas on how this can be done, and we’re pretty excited to hear it.

There are plenty of ways you can share your list. If you’ve posted your answer on your website or blog, share the link to your post in the comments section below! You can also leave your responses directly below. You can also respond or share via Twitter (@FilReaderCon) and use the hashtag (#FilipinoFriday). If you share it through Facebook, don’t forget to use the same hashtag!

See you all next week! How time flies.

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