2013 Visprint

  • Seroks 1: Mirror Man
    – Written by David Hontiveros, Illustrated by Alan Navarra
    – Illustrated novel, English
  • Report From The Abyss
    – Written by Karl De Mesa
    – Creative Nonfiction, English
  • Kikomachine Komix Blg. 9
    – Created by Manix Abrera
    – Comics/Graphic Novels
  • The Filipino Heroes League Book 2: The Sword
    – Created by Paolo Fabregas
    – Graphic Novel, English
  • The Dark Colony – Book 1: Mikey Recio & The Secret of The Demon Dungeon
    – Created by: Budjette Tan, Bow Guerrero and J.B. “Taps” Tapia
    – Graphic Novel, English
  • Anim Na Sabado Ng Beyblade
    – Written by Ferdinand Jarin
    – Creative Nonfiction, Filipino
  • Trese: Stories From The Diabolical Vol. 1
    – Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Balidisimo
    – Illustrated short stories, English
  • Wakasang Wasak
    – Written by Carlos “Siege” Malvar
    – Novellas, English
  • Project 17
    – Written by Eliza Victoria
    – Novel, English
  • Trese: Book Of Murders
    – Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Balidisimo
    – Graphic novel, English, special hardbound compilation of Trese Books 1-3
  • Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady
    – Written by Carlo Vergara, Illustrated by Elmer Cantada
    – Graphic novel, Filipino
  • ABNKKSBNPLAko?! Sandosenang Edition
    – Written by Bob Ong
    – 12th Anniversary edition, Filipino
  • Kulas 2
    – Created by Freely Abrigo
    – Comic strip compilation, Filipino
  • Tatlong Gabi Tatlong Araw
    – Written by Eros Atalia
    – Novel, Filipino

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