2013 Summit Books

  • Everything I Learned About Love, I learned from Papa Jack by Papa Jack
  • What’s In Your Heart by Ines Bautista-Yao
  • Dream Big Book 1: Jesse Robredo by Yvette Fernandez
  • Blogger’s Book 1 – Tricia Gosingtian by Tricia Gosintian
  • Quotes That Will Make You Kilig by Irish Dizon
  • Dream Big Book 2: Lea Salonga by Yvette Fernandez
  • 100 Ways to Move On by Faye Ilogon
  • Foldabots Toy Book Volume 6 by Jomike Tejido
  • She’s Dating The Gangster by Bianca Bernardino
  • I Saw Da Sign compilation
  • Patama Quotes by Femalenetwork.com
  • Operation: Break The Cassanova’s Heart by Aly Almario
  • Three Words, Eight Letters, Say It and I’m Yours by Jade Pitogo
  • The Despicable Guy 1 by Leng de Chavez
  • The Bet by Kim Villanueva
  • Secretly Married by Forgotten Glimmer
  • Eat Out Now 2014 by Alicia Colby-Sy
  • Del Monte Kitchenomics Cookbook by Del Monte
  • This Is a Crazy Planets vol. 2 by Lourd de Veyra
  • A Place in Time (book 1) by Jessica Concha
  • 548 Heartbeats by Jessamine Verzosa
  • For Hire A Damn Good Kisser (book 1) by Ariesa Domingo
  • Spot.ph Top 10 Everything Food Lists by spot.ph
  • Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista by Ella Larena
  • A and D by Louisse Carreon

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