2013 Judges


Children’s Picture Book:

Angella D. Cruz is eight years old and a third grader at Holy Spirit Elementary School.

Benedict C. Manalo is nine years old and a third grader at Holy Spirit Elementary School.

Joshua P. Nabur is nine years old and a third grader at UP integrated School.

Chick Lit:

katKatrine Sales
Kat considers herself blessed that she was born to a family who values books and reading. She is a freelance writer and hopes to someday have her own stories published. Currently, Kat is taking her masters degree in Library and Information Science in UP Diliman, and aims to help revolutionize libraries across the country. You can read her blog at http://saberkite.com or catch her on Twitter @saberkite.

Joko Magalong
Joko Magalong is a self-confessed romantic and she loves, loves, loves romance novels! She is known for this in the book club that she belongs to, the Flips Flipping Pages, as she reads them all from chic-lit to historicals to mysteries to paranormal romance. She blogs as the stoked bunny in http://stokedbunny.wordpress.com, where she writes about books, surfing, music and food. You can also read some of her feature articles at abscbnnews.com.  People also pay her to read stories to kids (and sometimes to adults).

Kai Agito
Kai Agito works as a QA specialist for IBM, and when she’s not obsessing about the latest Asian pop tunes and catching up with her manga, Kai dedicates some of her time book blogging on Amaterasu Reads, where she shares her thoughts about the latest Young Adult books worth discussing, buying and reading.

Novel in English:

aaronAaron Vincent Delos Santos
Aaron Vincent Delos Santos is a Web System Developer and one of the moderators of Goodreads – The Filipino Group. He reads science fiction, fantasy or whatever his bookclub’s discussion book of the month is. Aside from reading, he also watches a lot of movies and television shows in his free time. He’s really more of a pop culture nerd that he cares to admit.

Monique De Mata
moniqueMonique De Mata works as a court attorney at the Supreme Court. She completed her law studies at the University of Santo Tomas in 2004 and passed the bar in 2005. She has been an active member of the Goodreads-based book club, The Filipino Group, since 2010, and writes about her bookish thoughts and book-related activities on her blog, marginalia. She is wife to a litigation lawyer slash high fantasy purist, and mother to a two-year-old daughter who loves storytelling and preening in front of the mirror.

aybanIvan Gabrielle F. Dotarot
Ayban Gabriyel Dotarot sa FB. Part-time Barista sa Starbucks Phil-Lit reader. Miyembro ng TFG at PRPB. Karamihan ng aking nabasa ay pulos Filipiniana, pero nagbabasa rin naman ng mga likhang banyaga. Nagsimula ang pagkahumaling ko sa libro noong ako ay nasa kolehiyo. Wala po akong Blog.


Novel in Filipino:

Joel M. Encinas

Ronald Lim
Ronald Lim has more books than he has clothes. When he isn’t reading books ranging from YA to turn of the century French writers, he’s interviewing authors and writing about books for a national daily.

orlyOrly Agawin
Orly Agawin has been with the Business Process Management industry for more than 8 years; starting off with Convergys Philippines in 2003 to 2006 and Aegis from 2006 to 2012. He is known in pioneering industry-academe linkages in the BPM industry, when he started the University Linkages Program in PeopleSupport (now known as Aegis) in 2006.

Currently, Orly is the Talent Development Consultant for the Advanced English Pre-Employment Training (AdEPT). This year, he put up OSA TRAINING AND EDUCATION SERVICES, his own Training and Management Consultancy Firm where he has been servicing training units in companies like ABS CBN, iBPAP, Cummins and the Inter-Continental Hotels Group.

Comics/Graphic Novel:

jeevesJeeves De Veyra
Jeeves De Veyra discovered the graphic novel as an art form through “Ramadan” and the Midsummer’s Night Dream Arcs from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Sandman Series. (He’s moderating a book discussion on “Seasons Of Mist” during the Readercon. :) ) He is also part of the Eating… Errr… Book club, Flips Flipping Pages,  joining book discussions on occasion when he is not preoccupied with work. We have heard that his Playstation, Gaming PC and TBR pile have not seen him in months because of his day job with a technology company that sells portals (get it, huh? Huh?). He sometimes mentors people and clubs for Toastmasters, an educational group dedicated to improving public speaking skills, and he occasionally shoots food pornography for a major news website.

guiaGuia Baylon
Guia Baylon has always loved reading ever since she was a kid. But instead of children’s picture books, she learned to read through the komiks that her mother brings home every weekend. She became an avid reader and collector of komiks ever since. She can often be found stalking local komiks in bookstores and Komikon events, sometimes wearing her signature cat ears.

Besides komiks, she also likes to read fantasy young adult books. She is most likely to pick up a book that has the words “time travel” or the slightest hint of paranormal, may it be suspense or romance. She had recently discovered audio books and would be walking around with headphones stuck to her ears, grinning happily to the end of another chapter.

Also known as Neko Mimi, she currently manages OMG!Komiks!, a Facebook page dedicated to the latest news in the local komiks industry and promoting works of upcoming komik artists. She dreams of becoming a writer for komiks someday and continues to work on her stories in Wattpad during her spare time.

xizuqXi Zuq
Xi Zuq (aka MJ Tumamac) reviews books for children and young adults, interviews book creators, and promotes/covers events related to children’s literature. Aside from his blog Xi Zuq’s Nook, he writes for the UMPIL publication, Kalatas, and the Sambat Trust’s blog.

Short story anthology:

aimeeAimee Lorraine Keh-Lee
Aimee Lorraine Keh-Lee is the founder and administrator of Read Philippines (www.readphilippines.com), the first independent book club forum in the country. An avid reader and book collector, she blogs her reading life at the www.yellowlibrary.com.  In her spare time, she runs her online gift shop Booktique Reading Gifts and Accessories (www.facebook.com/BooktiqueStore).

arthurArthur Bhenedict King
My name is Arthur and I love to read! I joined a book club called Flips Flipping Pages early last year, and I must say it’s made my reading experience even more robust. I read 40 to 50 books a year, a good number of which are fantasy and sci-fi. I particularly enjoy reading short stories, because when done right, they are very satisfying, and easy to share with others. I read everywhere I go, on commute, while waiting in line, and yes, even while walking. When I’m not reading, I help heart patients get back on their feet as a Physical Therapist. I’m also very passionate about Toastmasters, and have recently been awarded my Distinguished Toastmasters norm.

Tricia Gervacio
Tricia Gervacio is 22-year old awkward girl working as a licensed nurse in an HMO company. She loves books, reading books, and the idea of reading books. She blogs her life (mostly about books) at In Lesbians With Books. (No, she’s not a lesbian.)

Essay anthology:

Vlad Bunoan

wilfredWilfred Gabriel A. Gapas
Wilfred Gabriel A. Gapas is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in English Language Studies at the University of Santo Tomas. He is also a member of the UST English Language Studies Society (UST-ELSSOC), in which he serves as a member of its Board of Representatives, and a Deputy Head of its Outreach Committee. He has been advocating English language proficiency and literacy programs through its outreach activities for ELSSOC’s partner schools, and is currently proposing such programs for the Thomasian community. In his free time, he spends time reading an almost wide variety of books (most are classics and fantasy fiction), writing fantasy or mystery short stories (that are always left unfinished), and trying to learn another foreign language. He is currently a member of Goodreads – The Filipino Group, and is proud of being an almost disorganized and messy reader. (Yes, I write/highlight, often too much, on books!)

Alexa Sienes
Alexa is an 18-year-old student at the Ateneo de Manila University. She read the first four Harry Potter books when she was seven, and hasn’t stopped loving books since. Her bookish home is Goodreads – The Filipino Group. When she’s not buried under work, she gives in to her media junkie cravings, wastes lomo film and passes it off as photography, eats weird food, and whiles away the hours at bookshops, smelling books she couldn’t afford. She blogs about books sometimes at Code Name: Blue.


Nancy Cudis

Kate Villanueva
I am a Literature Major from De La Salle University Manila. I was VP Publicity for our club the Literature Circle during uni days. My poetry and short stories can be viewed here. I love foreign poets like Czeslaw Milosz, Wislawa Szymborska, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and John Donne just to name a few. I also like Slam/Beat Poetry and it may sound weird but I really like watching Fliptop. Some local artists I like are Lourd de Veyra, Ronald Baytan, J. Neil Garcia, Edith Tiempo, etc. I really, really like Lourd de Veyra’s Shadow Boxing in Headphones. And that’s about it.

Joseph Torrijos
I like poetry but the problem is I write more than I consume. I have a few books but it’s been a while since I picked them up, DOTA always gets in the way. But I do try to write poetry at ithinkthereforeiexsit.blogspot.com. I feel that love poems and short poems are the best kind. “This is just to say” by William Carlos Williams is one example of my favourite, I’m not really into the hardcore mature stuff by Neruda just yet… For the local scene I like the musings of Angelo Suarez, Brandon Dollente and Lourd de Vera. Rio Alma too is good by I couldn’t find the poem of his that I like anymore. And if you ask me what local piece I like best, I’d prolly say I’d forgotten.  I have yet to find a homoerotic poet’s blog to dedicatedly follow, if you know any I’d appreciate the reco.