Filipino Friday #2: 5 Things I Wish as a Filipino Reader


Hey everyone! It’s round two of Filipino Friday!

It’s a fantastic time to a Filipino Reader. Not only are we getting new books from writers all over the world, we are also getting a lot of author visits that keep people excited and eager to read. Best of all, there is an increase of Filipino-authored books available in the market, so there’s more choices for you to read. From the classic works of Jose Rizal, the more modern but still relevant works of Nick Joaquin; to the very new works that first appeared in Wattpad or in online workshops, you have so many choices.

But it’s still a very dynamic landscape. As the Filipino reading scene has changed over the past years, it’s highly likely that we’ll see something new in the future too.

For this week’s Filipino Friday question, we ask you What are the five (5) Things You Wish as a Filipino Reader?

This could be anything! What stories do you want to see from our local authors? Which author do you want to visit the country? Would you want to see your favorite comic book become a live action movie? It’s time for you to share your ultimate wishlist from your perspective as a Filipino Reader. Go wild, go crazy!

If you’ve posted your answer on your website or blog, let us know by sharing the link to your post in the comments section below! You can also leave your responses directly below. Share your answers through Twitter (@FilReaderCon) and use the hashtag (#FilipinoFriday). Facebook also works great, and don’t forget to use the same hashtag when you post there.

Hey, Christmas is near! Who knows? Something in your wishlist may just come true.