UPDATED Program for the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon

Hello everyone! Two days to go before the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon!

Due to the unforeseen supervening event that caused the postponement of the ReaderCon last November 9, consequently affecting the schedules of the original speakers as previously announced, we found it necessary to make a few adjustments in the program. The schedules for all the panels and discussions are the same, but kindly take note of the new line-up of speakers.

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon - Program (12-2-2013) copy

See you there! :)


4 thoughts on “UPDATED Program for the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon

  1. thedoe says:

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    It’s the third Filipino ReaderCon tomorrow but it’ll be my first. Right now most looking forward to:

    1) hearing what invited kids have to say about what sort of stories they like to read

    2) seeing komikero dynamics between Gerry Alanguilan and Carljoe Javier

    3) finding out how readers will respond to the BookReco fair lists

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