It’s a Monday and we can’t wait for another weekend!

Hello there! How did your weekend go? I know most of you are still tired and just dragged yourselves out of bed to go to work/school today.  Who doesn’t love long weekends, right?  :p

But hey, book lovers! Frown no more! It’s gonna be another big weekend for us, really, really soon! Yay! 5 days to go and it’s already the 3rd Filipino Readercon!  Which panel are you signing up for? Tough choices, huh?

And of course, what’s a readercon without a book fair?!? We have several exhibitors with hundreds of books on sale!!! Woohoo! List includes Ateneo Press, Buqo, Adarna House, NBDB, Flipside, William Rodriguez (Kuwentong Lasing, Tagay, Kapatid!, Pagtatalik ng Bolpen at Papel), Komikasi, The QBCCC, Visprint, and Pandora’s Books. Readercon will burn holes in my pocket, for sure!

Who’s excited now? Get a lot of zzzzs on Friday for it’s gonna be a long, bookish day on Saturday! *wink* See you on November 9th at the Rizal Library, ok? :)

You can pre-register for the 3rd ReaderCon here.