Filipino ReaderCon 2013 Program, Panels and Teaser Badge

So we’ve been a little silent for a while, but that’s because we’re working on this post. I mean, the contents of this post.

So first! If you missed the Filipino ReaderCon 2013 Kick-Off event at the Manila International Book Fair last September 14, you can check out the presentations here:

Much thanks to Peter Sandico for lending his projector during the event!

If you look around the website, you’ll notice that we have new links up at the header. Check out the 2013 Program, and the descriptions of the panels and activities. We’ll have the list of confirmed speakers up soon (and from the our preliminary list…we’re really, really excited :D).

And last, but definitely not the least — check out our teaser badge right here. Feel free to use it on your blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter, and what other social networks you have — spread the word! Thanks to Trizha Ko for this awesome design. :)


Are you excited? We hope you are, because we are! Make sure to check back here for more ReaderCon 2013 news, and while we’re at it, go like the Facebook page and follow our Twitter account, too. See you on November 9 at the Rizal Library! :)


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