Feedback for 2nd Filipino ReaderCon

Hello everyone!

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon! It’s been an awesome, awesome event, and it was all because of you! :)

We have been hearing lots of great feedback from the attendees, but we’d like to make it a bit formal so we would know what you really think. Tell us what you liked and what you think we can do to improve for next year. You can also suggest topics or issues that you’d like to talk about in the next ReaderCon. You may give us your feedback by leaving a comment in this post or you may use the Google form below if you’d rather make your feedback private. And if you’re interested in volunteering, too, you can also let us know so we can send you an email once we’re planning for the next one. :)


More thank you’s and post round-up’s coming soon this week! :) Thank you so much once again, and we hope to see you next year!

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