Book Club: Flips Flipping Pages

If there’s a book club that probably really knows what they’re doing, it’s Flips Flipping Pages.

Flips Flipping Pages Flips Flipping Pages (FFP) started in 2007 when Gege Sugue (aka islandhopper) was looking for a Filipino community in the bookish social networking website, Shelfari. She knew some Filipinos but there were no formal groups, so she decided to start one. As with the other online book clubs, they started with online discussions until they finally had their first formal meet-up/eyeball in January 2008. Come May of the same year, the group had their first offline book discussion with Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

That book discussion pretty much started the ball rolling and they’ve had regular monthly discussions since then. Sometimes they even have two discussions in a month, not to mention online discussions on Shelfari and on their Facebook group. They also incorporated pre-activities for their discussion to give a “sensory dimension” to their book discussions, and it’s usually something related to the book. For example, for their Hunger Games discussion, they decided to take it to the field and go paint ball:

And then they took it a step further by having bookish parties with costumes! Based on the photos, they take their costumes seriously (photos from Blooey of Bookmarked!):

FFP Bloody Prom Night

FFP Bloody Prom Night — the Flippers go to prom and discuss Carrie by Stephen King

FFP - Reading Rampage Christmas Party

FFP – Reading Rampage Christmas Party – the Flippers go in costume for Christmas

Other than book discussions and bookish parties, they’ve also done a 24-Hour Readathon where the attendees read as much as they can in an entire 24 hour period, and outreach events where they share their love for books and reading with kids from All Together in Dignity (ATD) Fourth World – Philippines from Museo Pambata.

FFP has a very diverse membership when it comes to reading preferences — there are people who read classics, Filipino lit, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction. Some of them like their books new while others scour secondhand bookstores to add more to their collection. Whatever your reading preference is, you’re bound to find a reading buddy in FFP.

Flips Flipping Pages can be found online through the following links:

The group is also affiliated with the following:

You can join Flips Flipping Pages by simply joining any one of their groups from the links above and saying hi, or showing up at their monthly book discussions. You may also contact Gege aka islandhopper via email.

Flips Flipping Pages will be at the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon too! They will be discussing Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew, so if you’re a fan, or if you’ve always wanted to read and discuss the book, or if you just want to experience a Flips Flipping Pages discussion, then be sure to drop by the afternoon activities on August 18 at the Filipinas Heritage Library. :)

Much thanks to Gege Sugue for telling us about their book club!


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