The Great Book Swap

Anyone up for some fun and free books? Or are you looking for a way to clear some shelf space?

Inspired by Book Crossing, we’re launching an activity today that aims to give old books new homes, and yes, clear your shelf space for books that you may acquire, too. Presenting The Great Book Swap!

The Great Book Swap

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5 books have been left today in various places, pictures will be up soon. If you find one, do share that with us too! We like seeing books with their happy owners! Post your photos on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter (use the hashtag #thegreatbookswap), and let the book swap begin!


6 thoughts on “The Great Book Swap

  1. JoanMae says:

    Awww. Sad I only encountered this post today and the big event will be tomorrow. But I will certainly do this in the future! Very inspiring:)

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