Filipino ReaderCon 2012 FAQ (1): Registration

So it’s less than a month till United We Read: The 2nd Filipino Readers Conference and everyone behind the scenes are busy with making sure that the ReaderCon will be a success. We’ve been receiving several questions about the event though, so we thought we’d answer them…well, now.

So for our first question…

How do I register for the ReaderCon? Where do I sign up? How much is the registration and what is included?

Very important question! :) Registration for the ReaderCon will be done at the venue itself, which is at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati City. Registration fee is Php 150, which will be paid on the day itself as well. This registration fee covers your snacks for the day (provided by some of our sponsors), as well as a kit, entrance to the different talks, opportunity to win in the raffles, and a 10% discount from Amici’s the entire day. Oh and let’s not forget a certificate which honors your presence at the ReaderCon. :)

We hope this answers some of your questions about registration. You may read other (future) questions in the FAQs category. If you have other questions for us, you may leave a comment here, tweet us at @PinoyReaderCon, post/send a message on the Facebook page, or send us an email through this form. See you on August 18th! :)

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