Budding Authors and the ReaderCon

Hi everyone, this is Tina, your friendly Filipino ReaderCon website administrator. Just thought I’d post some weekend thoughts here (but don’t worry, it’s still connected to the event). :)

Last Saturday I attended Bronze Age Media’s Author at Once Part 2, a workshop for writers who want to go into self-publishing their books. The session was all about how to market their books and what channels they could use to make sure their book reaches their intended audience. I was there as a panelist, to speak for book bloggers and book clubs, and well, eventually ended up plugging the Filipino ReaderCon too.

I’m not an author (yet. I do want to get published at some point :D), but I love books. And reading. And blogging about books and reading. Possibly a little bit more than writing, and there’s really nothing more that thrills me nowadays when I discover good local fiction. I remember those days when I’d plug some local books like there’s no tomorrow, because I want more people to read it. I’d like to believe that I somehow provide good marketing for the author, because based on personal experience, most of the books I ended up liking were recommended to me by word of mouth (or Twitter, or Facebook, or Goodreads).

My point is: I think I managed to convince several soon-to-be authors to join the upcoming ReaderCon, because if they want to meet their potential readers in the flesh and build rapport with them this early, then the ReaderCon is the best way to do so. Right?

And I believe authors are readers too (oooh that’s one of our panel discussions for the ReaderCon — see what I did there? :D), anyway. Right? So if you’re an author, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy ReaderCon as a reader too.

SO! If you’re a budding author, or if you’re planning to write a book, or you’re about to publish your own book wherever and you want to get a feel of the local reading community, then you must definitely attend the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon: United We Read on August 18, 2012 at the Filipinas Heritage Library. It’s a whole day event with lots of activities that we hope will help you not just as a reader but as a writer.

See you there!


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