Winners of the first Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards

Filipino Readers' Choice Awards

After more than a month of nominating, voting and judging, the winners of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards were announced during the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon: United We Read, on August 18, 2012 at the Filipinas Heritage Library. In behalf of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Committee, thank you to everyone who nominated, voted, for all the judges who took time out of their busy schedules to read the finalists (and even spend on some of the books!) and for everyone else who supported this entire endeavor. It is our hope that through this award, more Filipinos would pick up these books give more support to local literature. :) Here are the winners:

Children’s Picture Book

But That Won’t Wake Me Up! by Annie and Anelka Lumbao, illustrated by Liza Flores
2010, Adarna House


The winning book has the qualities that we look for in a good story book. The title is really catchy and fits the story. The story is very easy to read and understand. And lastly the illustrations are really colorful. We enjo

yed reading the book. The first Filipino Reader’s Choice Award for Children’s Picture Book goes to… But That Won’t Wake Me Up! written by Annie and Anelka Lumbao, illustrated by Liza Flores, and published by Adarna House.
Winners of the Children's Picture Book category with their kid judge. :)

Winners of the Children’s Picture Book category with their kid judge. :)


Chick Lit

Fairy Tale Fail by MIna V. Esguerra Fairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra
2010, Self-published


Fairy Tale Fail may be a very short tale, but it manages to capture female emotions completely. Whether it’s about pursuing ones passionsor finding love, there’s something each Filipino can relate to. Filled with charming characters, witty dialogue, and a feel-good romance, Fairy Tale Fail takes us on a journey of self-discovery and gives us a glimpse into the life of the modern Filipina.

Mina V. Esguerra with her daughter and Chick Lit category judge, Celina Bacani

Mina V. Esguerra with her daughter and Chick Lit category judge, Celina Bacani


Novel in English

Ilustrado by Miguel SyjucoIlustrado by Miguel Syjuco
2010, published in the Philippines by Anvil

“Ilustrado” is not your typical Filipino novel, eschewing carabaos in the fields and sunlight the color of mangoes in favor of epistolary-style metafiction that uncannily mirrors Philippine culture, history and politics.


Novel in Filipino

Ang Huling Dalagang Bukid at Ang Authobiography na Mali: Isang Imbestigasyon by Jun Cruz ReyesAng Huling Dalagang Bukid at ang Authobiography na Mali by Jun Cruz-Reyes
2011, Anvil

Ang pinakamahusay na nobela sa Filipino ay iginagawad sa Ang Huling Dalagang Bukid at ang Authobiography na Mali ni Jun Cruz Reyes dahil sa pagtawíd nito ng isang buháy na nobela ng mga ideya na naghahabi ng matuwid na kamalayang pampersonal at panlipunan. Ang nasabing akda ay tila walang balangkas at nagpapanggap na nobela-nobelahan at tala-talambuhayan. Anu’t anupaman, wagi ito sa pagpapahayag ng progresibong damdamin habang sinisiyasat ang maaari nating iambag para umiral ang mabuting pamayanan, pamahalaan, at pakikipagkapwa-tao, na siyang pangarap nating mga Pilipino.


Comics / Graphic Novels

Kikomachine Komiks Blg 6 by Manix Abrera
2010, Visprint


In picking a winner for the comics/graphic novel category, we decided on Kiko Machine Vol 6 by Manix Abrera because of its appeal to the more general public. It’s very Filipino – everything from the artwork to the situations the characters find themselves in mirrors the life of Filipinos. Picking up one of the volumes of the series, you’re not required to know the back story, as the characters are picked out of our everyday lives. These are the characters we talk about and talk to in our own lives. These are the characters we find in every Kiko Machine book.

Manix Abrera receiving the award for KikoMachine 6.


Alternative Alamat edited by Paolo ChikiamcoShort Story Anthology

Alternative Alamatedited by Paolo Chikiamco
2011, Rocket Kapre and Flipside

Alternative Alamat does for Philippine deities what Neil Gaiman’s American Gods did for the lesser-known gods of Europe, Asia and Africa. Readers will find that the gods, goddesses and supernatural beings of the Philippines are as fascinating as those of any other nation’s pantheon. By turns shocking, tragic, even malevolent—the beings featured in this collection of stories are given new shape and form in stories that traverse the past and the present of Filipino culture. If myth is said to form a nation’s collective subconscious, then Alternative Alamat gives Filipino readers a much-needed injection of myths that are truly ours, and truly deserving of more widespread attention. Because of this collection, we’ll never view Filipino mythology the same way again.

Editor Paolo Chikiamco and Charles Tan from Flipside accepting the award

Editor Paolo Chikiamco and Charles Tan from Flipside accepting the award


Essay Anthology

It's a Mens World by Bebang SiyIt’s a Mens World by Bebang Siy
2011, Anvil


Wala, wala na yata kaming masasabing iba pa tungkol sa antholohiya ng mga sanaysay ni Bebang Siy. Lahat na yata nasabi na ng sangkatauhan tungkol sa It’s a Mens World—literally madugo (magsimula ka ba naman sa kwento tungkol sa mens), impormal (Taglish kung Taglish, walang pake si Ms Bebang), patawa (hindi mo nga al
am kung seryoso pa ba sya or jumo-joke na naman, ewan, nakakaloka).

Pero nahihirapan na ako sa derechong Filipino. Magpapakatotoo na ako at mag-swi-switch na ako sa English. Parang Sprite lang at tumo-Toni Gonzaga lang ako. But instead of “I love you Papa P,” ang isisigaw ko ay, “I love you, Bebang Siy!”

It was never an easy task to pick from the three nominated books, but there’s one thing that Siy’s book did to us judges. We were all disarmed by the author’s unapologetic honesty, superb wit, and unconstrained humor. Siy’s writing is very fresh and unpretentious, ranging from the mundane to the profane, and her narrative style pleasantly unpredictable. Here’s a woman who seems to lead a very uninteresting life, but one who’s managed to make the reader empathize with her by writing scenes from her childhood, her relationships, and her eventual maturity as a woman. One word—award.

Bebang Siy has the most priceless and memorable reaction among all the award winners. :)

Bebang Siy has the most priceless and memorable reaction among all the award winners. :)



Off the Beaten Track: Tulaan sa Tren 2
2010, Vibal and NBDB

Off the Beaten Track (Poems from Tulaan sa Tren 2)


Congratulations to all the winners! Till the next Readers’ Choice Awards!

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United We Read: Thank You!

It’s been several days since the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon: United We Read, and we’re sure some of us are still remembering the day fondly. It was such a fun event, yes? We’d like to take this chance to say our thanks to everyone who made this event possible:

  • Our co-presenters: Filipinas Heritage Library and National Book Development Board
  • Our major sponsors: Scholastic Philippines and Lampara Books
  • Our minor sponsors: McDonald’s Philippines, Flipreads, Anvil Publishing, Inc, Hachette Philippines, Amici Philippines, OMF Literature, Inc and Adarna House
  • To all the speakers, facilitators and book clubs who shared their knowledge and hosted the panels during the day. We’ve heard nothing but good feedback from all the sessions. :)
  • To all the book sellers present during the event who gave all the attendees a chance to add even more books (and bookish trinkets) to their collection.
  • To all the teachers, students, writers and publishing professionals who attended not just to share their knowledge and to learn, but to celebrate the day as a reader.
  • To the Readers’ Choice Awards team, judges and everyone who supported this endeavor. This is definitely history in the making.
  • To everyone who tweeted with us — #filreadercon trended for a while, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for all you Twitterers. :)
  • To the amazing volunteers who worked hard and even lost sleep (or ran on zero sleep!) just to help run the event. For two years the Filipino ReaderCon has been a volunteer-run event, and it just goes to show how passionate people can be for books and reading. Thank you, volunteers, because we wouldn’t be able to do all this without you!
  • And of course, thank you to all the attendees. Whether you were physically there or you were with us virtually, many, many thanks to you! YOU made this event bigger and more awesome than we can ever hope for, and it was worth seeing all the smiles on your faces at the end of the day. Thank you!

This isn’t the end, of course. As what Ms. Andrea Pasion-Flores from NBDB said during her keynote speech: We need a reading revolution. We hope that this event helped us all be proud that we are Filipino readers. :)

Thank you from the Filipino ReaderCon Core Commitee!

See you at the next Filipino ReaderCon! (And don’t forget to give us your feedback! :D)

If you haven’t had enough, here are links to the blog posts about the Filipino ReaderCon (if you have a post that’s not there,leave a comment so we can add you):

Feedback for 2nd Filipino ReaderCon

Hello everyone!

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2nd Filipino ReaderCon! It’s been an awesome, awesome event, and it was all because of you! :)

We have been hearing lots of great feedback from the attendees, but we’d like to make it a bit formal so we would know what you really think. Tell us what you liked and what you think we can do to improve for next year. You can also suggest topics or issues that you’d like to talk about in the next ReaderCon. You may give us your feedback by leaving a comment in this post or you may use the Google form below if you’d rather make your feedback private. And if you’re interested in volunteering, too, you can also let us know so we can send you an email once we’re planning for the next one. :)


More thank you’s and post round-up’s coming soon this week! :) Thank you so much once again, and we hope to see you next year!

Reminders for the ReaderCon

Hi everyone! The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon is just hours away! Here are some reminders for tomorrow:

  1. Pre-registered attendees must arrive at the venue before 8:00am to secure their slots. First come, first served. If you did not pre-register or if you did not arrive by 8:00am, you can still go through regular registration.
  2. Registration fee is Php150, and will be paid upon arrival at the venue. FHL will be giving acknowledgment receipts for the payment. In case you need an official receipt, go back to the registration area during the breaks and request for an OR from the cashier. The fee is inclusive of snacks, a certificate and a raffle entry. The registration table will close at 3:00pm.
  3. Sign up for the panels / discussions will be done during registrations, so make sure you choose ahead of time! If you want to switch to another panel, just head over to the registration area to change your choice. Please note that there are limited seats for each panel, so you may not be accommodated if the panel is already full.
  4. Be on time! Check the program, pay attention to the emcee and the ushers and make sure you get to the session areas on time so you won’t miss anything.
  5. Breakfast, snacks and cocktails will be provided during the event. Food stubs will be included in the kit — please don’t lose them!
  6. Attendees are encouraged to get lunch at their preferred venue — we’re right next to the Ayala Triangle. Participants will also be given a 10% discount at Amici for the day (which you can still use after the event). If you do decide to have lunch outside, please don’t lose your name tag! You will need it in the afternoon sessions, too.
  7. Drinking water will be provided for the attendees all day. In the interests of environmentalism, kindly a non-disposable water container (tumblers, water bottles, etc) to the venue so we would not have to use disposable cups.
  8. Strictly no smoking inside the venue, and no food and drinks allowed inside the basement/library.
  9. There is WiFi at the venue, and we encourage you guys to tweet about the event! Make sure you tag your requests with #filreadercon so we can retweet you! We’ll be live tweeting the event, so make sure you’re following @PinoyReaderCon on Twitter. You can tag posts/photos on Facebook, too!
  10. Finally, have fun! And we’d love to have you all the way to the end of the ReaderCon — stay and chat during the socials! You can bring business cards if you want to build a readers’ network, or if you just want to keep in touch with the new bookish friends you’ll meet. :)

If you’re worried about getting lost, Filipinas Heritage Library is just across Manila Peninsula Hotel and beside Ayala Triangle. For those commuting, you can find commute / getting around directions to Ayala here. And here’s the Google map:

There’s a parking area right beside the venue, or you can also park in Greenbelt and take a 5-10 minute stroll towards the venue. :)

Don’t forget to bring your book donations for the FHL Book Donation program –we’ll be accepting donations all day! And you can still set some books off into the wild for The Great Book Swap — I’m sure there would be a lot of people willing to pick up the books you leave behind, and you may even meet whoever gets to pick up your book (don’t forget to tweet us about it so we can celebrate!

See you tomorrow at the United We Read: The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon will be TOMORROW – August 18, 2012 (Saturday), 8:00am to 6:00pm at the Filipinas Heritage Library! This event is held in partnership with Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and National Book Development Board (NBDB), and sponsored by Scholastic Philippines, Lampara Books, McDonald’s Philippines, Flipreads, Anvil Publishing, Inc, Hachette Philippines, Amici Philippines, OMF Literature, Inc and Adarna House.

Filipino Friday (5): Celebrating the Best

ReaderCon 2012 Filipino Friday

We’re counting down the hours till United We Read: The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon! Are you excited? We’re accepting pre-registrations until 12:00 noon today, so if you haven’t pre-registered yet, make sure you do so you can reserve your slot! :)

Make sure you check the program so you know what’s going to happen for the day. It would also help to check the descriptions of each panel so you know which one to sign up for by tomorrow. If you want to get to know the speakers, too, they have their own page here. Don’t forget to choose which book discussions you want to attend to in the afternoon, too — the host book clubs will be discussing the following: Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew (c/o Flips Flipping Pages), Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan (c/o DLSU LitCircle), Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James (c/o The Mysterious Reading Society) and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (c/o Goodreads – The Filipino Group).

And finally, if you’d like to clear some shelf space too and help Filipinas Heritage Library build libraries in the country, just bring age-appropriate books and bring them to the FHL Book Donation Program table on Saturday. :)

Okay now that those are done (all the reminders for tomorrow will be in a later post!), let’s proceed to the last ReaderCon Filipino Friday. Last week was a lovely time to celebrate the friendships we formed because of books. This week, we’ll focus on the books that formed those friendships. Let’s talk about the books that we discovered and loved so far this year:

August 17Celebrating the Best. In honor of the first Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, let’s talk about our favorites for this year. What are your favorite books in 2012 so far? Have you read any awesome Filipino books in the year? If yes, make sure to include them in your list!

Write a post on your blog and leave a link on the list below (click the inLinkz button and leave a link). You can post it on other social media sites, too, but make it public so you can share it to everyone! No blog, or your Facebook is private? Then just leave a comment with your answer below. :) You may also tweet us @PinoyReaderCon or tag us on Facebook with your posts so we can plug them, too! :)

United We Read: The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon will be TOMORROW — August 18, 2012 (Saturday), 8:00am to 6:00pm at the Filipinas Heritage Library. Registration fee is Php150, and you can pre-register for the event here. This event is held in partnership with Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and National Book Development Board (NBDB), and sponsored by Scholastic, Lampara Books, McDonald’s, Flipreads, Anvil Publishing, Hachette Philippines, Amici Philippines, OMF Literature and Adarna House. See you then!