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Filipino Fridays 2014 #1 Round-up

What a great start for our countdown to the Filipino Reader Con! We kicked off Filipino Fridays last week with the question about your new book or author discoveries for the past year, and we got some amazing responses.

  1. Angus of Book Rhaposody
  2. Kat of strangely out of place
  3. Anne of Brewed Thoughts
  4. Lynai of It’s a Wonderful Bookworld
  5. Pia of Taste & See
  6. Cary of Lodiversity
  7. Meliza of mecanism
  8. Leanne of The Reading Slump
  9. Monique of marginalia
  10. Cecile of my favorite things
  11. Bennard of The Book Hooligan
  12. Tin of Rabbitin
  13. Louize from The Page Walker
  14. Honey from Coffeespoons
  15. It’s not too late to join! Check out Week One, and we’ve got Week Two up!